Q. I was born in the late sixties witha Venus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo and the Seventh Houseand even now that I'm nearly 40, I still can't get ahandle on why I've attracted so many dramas in relationships.

A. The Venus/Pluto describes yourfeminine and your sexuality as being very powerful,psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. On thehighest level, it describes a deep inner dynamic thatsubconsciously drives you into relationships as partof the desire to transform your life. Because of this,you will only be drawn to powerful individuals who willforce or catalyse that process, and because any realtransformation demands the death of the old and theflushing of ancient psychological debris, these experienceswill be dramatic! And surprise, surprise, Pluto/Venusindividuals carry a lot of such material in elaborate,confusing and slippery patterning.

The kind of individual you will tend to attract willalso depend on what lies hidden from your past here,as well as how much you've been able to separate lovefrom power because the two tend to be entangled in mostpeople with this combination.

Firstly the symbolism of this, particularly in Virgo,echoes the classic myth of the Rape of Persephone, wherethe youthful and naive Persephone is abducted into theUnderworld and raped by the Darth Vader-like Hades orPluto, who then turns her into his queen. In the livesof individuals, this is acted out by some deep, earlytrauma, whether the loss of a parent, a destructiveparental divorce, the termination of an ill-timed pregnancyor quite literally as sexual abuse, something that shattersthe individual's world and drags them into the underworld.Whatever the case, it demands a lot of healing as itlays a blueprint for relationships that echo the originalwound, until one is able to go deep enough. A lot ofPersephone-like people are driven into therapy by thislegacy but often get stuck halfway, a situation thatthen necessitates another round of relationship dramasbecause the call has only been partly answered.

Pluto, a Shiva-like transformer deep within the self,wants a queen and is quite ruthless about it. No halfmeasures! Unfortunately, in our parent's generationsthere were few good role models of how to be with thedepth and power of Pluto or how to really own the fullpotency of Queen Persephone. Consequently, the powerof transformation is poorly modelled as control issues,manipulation and power struggles, and in the contextof the Venus/Pluto plays out these issues in our significantrelationships, whether we play the role of protagonistor the recipient. It's funny that what could actuallyheal us gets expressed as controlling defences aroundour vulnerability and capacity for love, locking upour very hearts.

Ultimately, the deeper we go in untangling this complexdynamic, the more conscious and committed we are toowning our full depths, the more we are willing to takerisks in intimacy, the better the quality of what weattract in the form of partners. And the more we healhere, the more we can become an agent of healing andtransformation in the lives of others. This is actuallya part of your soul's calling and as a colleague oncewrote, better to embody the power of love than be alover of power.

The current squares from transiting Pluto to yournatal Pluto/Venus means that it is time to go deeperand there's a lot of very powerful grace behind thissurge of transformational energies. Go for it and gowell!