Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for september 2007

IT LOOKS like we're in for a rather strange time thismonth; a sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, period- thanks to a mixture of mysterious, otherworldly energiesalongside some very earthy ones. The whole chart forthe month has the feeling of a cauldron on the boil,containing an eclectic and often contradictory mixtureof ingredients, with a lot of mysterious goddess symbolsthrown into it, driven by some intense and demandingenergy in Virgo. So it looks like being a tumultuousmonth with lots of fantastic potential if you can handlethe cross currents.

One of the unusual patterns in this chart is the appearanceof some form of the ancient and powerful feminine nextto or opposite nearly every major planet, most of whichare masculine. Combine this with the fact that the Sunin Virgo is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon- that mysterious point that speaks of the soul's journey,past-lives memories and karmic liabilities as well asgifts - and you get the feeling of great mysteries underlyingthe proceedings of the day to day experience of ourlives. Obviously this is always the case, but to haveit so close to the surface is unusual. Throwing in aradical partial eclipse on the New Moon of the 11thand that the great Saturn enters Virgo on the 3rd forthe first time in 28 years, reinforces the feeling ofdeep mystery and paradox of this time.

The list of conjunctions and oppositions is impressiveand splayed across the wheel: Saturn together with Hekate,Mars with Medusa, Moon with Hygeia, Uranus with PallasAthena, Pluto with Lilith, and Jupiter with Vesta, coupledwith Venus opposite Neptune and Chiron, and Mercuryopposite Uranus. Archetypally, much of this representsa purging of the residues from ancient conflicts betweenthe masculine and feminine, the reclamation of the powerand instinctual knowledge of the deep feminine, andthe restoration of balance and honour between the two.There is great healing potential here, not just fromthe obvious sources of Chiron and Hygeia but, despitetheir fearsome reputations, from the shamanic Hekateand Medusa.

On a more personal level, this can get a bit rough,as the turbulence that comes with any great period ofhealing and transformation kicks in. At the very least,it will get rather chaotic at times, but despite theintensity of these heavy duty processes, even the toughestconjunctions have supportive trines and sextiles. Thisspeaks of much grace behind all of them and supportsus the make to most of such an extraordinary time. Whetherwe're talking of this life or of previous ones, thesame applies: this is a time of releasing old traumas,especially around the opposite sex within and without,and reclaiming deeper levels of knowing already withinus - call them instinct, intuition, past-like knowledge,accessing the unconscious or the archetypes of wisdom- all in the name of freeing our ability to manifestour creative and spiritual potential, from both masculineand feminine sources, into the world.

As esoteric as this all sounds, these processes comesimultaneously with some very earthy demands, and rightlyso. Any time of great psychospiritual upwelling requiresmuch attention to some very basic, mundane and groundingaspects of life, in order to hold the Shakti or power.The great Saturn, who rules both our internal structuresas well as those that we create in the world, entersthe very earthy sign of Virgo. Both planet and signare worldly realists as well as holders of great intelligence,wisdom and spiritual power, and we should not be fooledby their more practical, worldly personas. Both describethe processes by which we purify and refine the rawmaterial we start with in this life through the overcomingof obstacles and the sifting out of limiting and inaccuratebeliefs about our true nature, in order to become thecreative authority for our own individual lives. Bothpoint to a direction that, instead of wanting to transcendlife (and in most people's systems, to escape it!),we should embrace it, master its rules and, in doingso, honour and manifest the very reasons that we camehere as souls to achieve.

Both demand a focus on how we live from moment to momentand day to day, on how we spend our energy, on whatwe choose to think or believe, and on looking afterour bodies, our duties and responsibilities. It is avery disciplined, serious and focuses combination, whichin the wrong hands look like a workaholic's dream. Butagain, to see it through the lens of our conditioningis to miss out on the fact that its combined focus resonatesvery much with the approaches of karma yoga or guruseva- approaches which teach and practice that attendingto the everyday demands of our world is our spiritualpath. And by doing so, we strengthen both our physicaland our psychic bodies, to provide the safety, groundednessand the psychic muscle to be able to open and hold greatervoltages of spiritual power and transformative energyas it becomes available, such as at times like these!

More about Saturn in Virgo next month.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.