Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for May 2007

DanielSolewu looks at the stars for May 2007.

This is likely to be a powerful month on a numberof levels, especially emotionally, thanks to a Starof David configuration with the Moon in Libra as itshighest point. Otherwise known as a Grand Sextile, itinvolves two Grand Trines intersecting to form a starpattern, connecting at least six points by the positivelyfluid trines and sextiles while bisected and challengedby three oppositions.

This one is additionally potent as many of the sixpoints are conjunctions of two planets or asteroidsand so involves a total of 11 significant parts of self.They are Moon conjunct Juno and Black Moon, Jupiterconjunct Vesta in Sagittarius, Chiron conjunct Neptunein Aquarius, Ceres conjunct Medusa in Aries and, Venusin Gemini and Saturn conjunct Diana in Leo.

The whole picture is powerful in the sense that itconnects so many different archetypes or parts of selfin a dynamically fluid energy flow, mostly positivein nature with enough edge from the oppositions to keepit from being too complacent or easy. It is also powerfulbecause of the holographic it links all these up ina simultaneous and unifying way, synonymously to allthe chakras lighting up simultaneously.

What it all means is beyond the scope and size of thisarticle but there are obvious highlights. The feminine,especially the Goddess archetypes, is prominent, powerfuland demanding, holding the pinnacle position of thestar and yet is positively connected with the masculineplanets. The Moon/Juno/Black Moon highlights the urgetowards full and empowering relationships and, as such,will bring to the surface any unresolved issues involvingthe experience of betrayal, inequality and rejectionin past situations. Deeply loving, passionate and tantric,it longs for dedication and commitment, but is scathinglyantagonistic to denial and escapism.

The presence of Chiron and Neptune provides a stronghealing dimension to the whole pattern, especially tothe relationships between masculine and feminine andbetween the rational intellect and the mystico-spiritualaspects of awareness. And even when the traditionalresistance of the old patriarch, the downside of Saturn,kicks in on both accounts, Jupiter mediates betweenthese polarities. A perfect trine between the two gasgiants brings a great combination of expansive and consolidatingqualities, using this mutually supportive arrangementbetween two often antagonistic aspects of the masculine.It also combines well the wisdom of the ancient energiesof Saturn with the sheer youthfulness of Jupiter inSagittarius.

With one notable exception, the Grand Sextile bringsso many of the different qualities of masculine andfeminine into a dynamic, creative and unifying pattern.There is great depth, even mystery from both, mixingwell with vital, expressive energies that seek contemporarymanifestation. The harmonising of both within goes along way to balancing out the desire for closeness withthe need to maintain a healthy independence. There ismuch here that can heal and open the heart to greaterfreedom, freedom to love.

Of mystery, we can look to the Ceres/Medusa conjunction,the most southern point of the star. While Ceres isan embodiment of the Great Mother and of the fruitsof the earth, Medusa, despite her fearsome reputation,is a place of magic and healing in our psyche. Bothare connected to women's blood mysteries and with theultimate feminine wisdom. To see these two linking wellwith Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron, offers the masculinea different perspective on the darker goddesses, whilesupporting the expression of her potency in the world.As with the Chiron/Neptune, these two goddesses combinedencourage the reclamation of our innate psychic-intuitiveabilities, as part of much bigger possibilities forspiritual opening and initiation while this Grand Sextileis in place.

There is, however, a major exception to all this talkof masculine/feminine unity. An exact conjunction ofUranus and Mars adds a shadowy edge even to the GrandSextile and in certain situations can lead to explosiveoutbursts of what's been previously hidden, particularlyin the way of anger. This is one of the most potentiallydangerous combinations, particularly for those who'vebeen burying their anger and independence for the sakeof preserving the status quo in a relationship. Itsbeen known to produce outbreaks of violence, accidentsand other explosive events that allow for the radicalrelease of builtup energy, but these are the more extremeversions. Such a strong individualistic energy can begood to counterbalance our more codependent tendencies.A constructive argument can be good for clearing theair. Anger used cleanly can be very effective at gettingto the truth of things and cutting away the bullshit.All this is possible too, but ultimately, this combinationis meant to re-ignite our individuality in the faceof all the little, and sometimes big, compromises wemake to get on with others. Used well, it can actuallyenhance a relationship by bringing more vigour and passionto a situation that has become stagnant. Just watchout for the nastier edges.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc. Dip.Ed)is a therapeutic asrtologer,primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.