Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for march 2007

Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for March 2007.

Astrology webpage THIS Looks like being a rather turbulentmonth which will be upsetting in some ways and verycreative in others, depending on how fixed or rigidyour approach to life. It will also be unsettling becausesome very significant processes are in motion, affectingevery aspect of our lives, physically, psychologicallyand spiritually, as part of a major "sorting out"time in our lives.

Firstly, the Sun is conjunct Uranus in the month'schart, a recipe for some chaos and instability, as theneed for radical change meets the more conservativeparts of self and life. In the watery sign Pisces, thiscan manifest as a churning of our emotional bodies,stirring an array of different feelings and reactions,but especially where too many compromises have beenmade at the expense of our individual freedom. Hencesome of the irritability and restlessness that somewill experience, aided and abetted by a square fromthe equally restless Jupiter, as the need to break outof old patterns and routines gets progressively stronger.

The role of Uranus is to liberate and awaken by crackingopen the old to allow fresh and invigorating energyto move within and without. Whatever emotions stirredby this process have usually been stagnating somewherein the self at the expense of greater emotional freedom.Here Uranus heads us along the path of detachment, atits highest, a true detachment as opposed to a frozenor numb dislocation, so that we can be more light-footedin our ways in life. If we consider the Piscean as oneof the wellsprings of creativity and spiritual opennesswithin, then the magician aspect of Uranus can alsohave a great time in reconnecting us here. Even whenhe throws us into bewilderment with one of his cosmiclightning bolts, or spanners, in that state much isworking under the surface to awaken our chakra systems.

Obviously, it's better to get onside with him, sothat we feel less victimised by something so far outof our control. So it's a good time to review wherewe are going in our lives, how much of our individualfreedom is allowed by the structures we've created forourselves and what creative steps we can make to enliventhe way we live. When we are more in synch with thisrather exalted part of self, it comes through as excitementand a greater sense of the synchronistic magic in life.

The other primary reason for a very fluctuating monthis another exact opposition between Saturn and Neptune.Here, our dreams, imaginings, visions, delusions andescapism meet the cold hard reality of the real world,a meeting that can produce much confusion, anxiety,despair and disillusionment if we haven't been ableto create some sort of bridge between our visions onone hand and the structures in our worlds. As distressingas this can be, to feel that your life has no meaningor that the world won't agree with your expectations,it is part of what the Saturn/Neptune is attemptingto show us, that is, how out of balance we have actuallybecome. From this experience then we can take responsibilityfor working towards correcting the balance. Either wetake steps towards feeding our souls and/or we learnmore about the material world so we can master its rules.To do so will actually serve the very essence of thisopposition, to honour the needs of both realities, spiritualand worldly, so that we can become better at manifestingour visions and creativity.

Obviously this is not an overnight process and, infact, the last in this long series of Saturn/Neptuneoppositions won't be until July, so don't expect anyquick fixes. On a psychic level, we won't be fully readyto realise the full extent of its inner and outer alchemyfor months to come, as we'll still be in process. Butit's a process that has enormous implications for mostof our lives. We only have to think of those in ourparents' generations who lost their dreams to see thedevastating consequences of losing the fight. More immediately,as we saw in the chart for 2007, one of the most significantthemes of the year is the opportunity for getting morein alignment with our soul's callings, so that we canexpress our individual essence and its creative visionsin the world. The Saturn/Neptune is a necessary processin preparing the do just that.

This particular opposition does have some excellentsupport from other quarters though. Jupiter in Sagittariusis trining Saturn while sextiling Neptune, easing theintensity of some of its more difficult manifestationswhile adding much more optimism, illumination and supportthan is normally experienced here. Those who are internallysolid enough not to be too thrown by the tricky stuffwill be able to use the Jupiter influence to leap creatively,despite the turbulence. Jupiter also allows us to expandour awareness of the interface between these two layersof reality which aren't nearly as antagonistic to eachother as we're led to believe. Whatever our experience,he always ensures that we learn from it.