Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for JUNE 2007

Atlast, a better monthly chart and a full moon as well!This bodes well for a better time for all but giventhe collective climate of the year, I feel somewhathesitant to say unreservedly that this will be a greatmonth. This is partly because we still have some ofthe tougher ongoing lineups, like the Saturn/Neptuneopposition, but even these have heaps of good qualitysupportive links with other planets and asteroids.

It would be easy for some to give the month some good,even excessive spin, as it is a very Jupiterian month,the vast gas giant being high in the sky with the FullMoon. Opposite the Sun, in Grand trine with Mars inAries and Saturn in Leo, sextiling Chiron in Aquariusand Juno in Libra, and squaring Uranus and Pallas inPisces, there is a lot of evidence of it being an exceptionalmonth with bountiful energy, an invigorating surge ofoptimism and a re-emergence of trust and faith in theessential goodness in life, at least in some quarters.(In fact the chart only lacks one point to create anotherGrand Sextile, one even more dynamic than last month's.)So, we can enjoy the abundance of positive energy makingit very much a "go for it" month, as longas we don't either go too over the top in a way thatsplatters and wastes the energy, or allow the largesseof the time to override some subtler processes thatare less attention seeking.

Virtually all of Jupiter's actions and aspects heightenthe fuller expression of our individuality, our rightto be more genuinely ourselves and to live more withthe essential passion that comes from being truly alive.The Jupiter/Mars/Saturn Grand Trine is particularlyimpressive, happily dissected by the Sun/Jupiter oppositionto make it an ideal equation for the manifesting ofgreat ideas into action and physical form. In one ofthe best line ups of fiery masculine energy, Jupiterheightens the creative intelligence and innovation ofGemini, Mars in home territory Aries gives much courageand assertiveness in action, while Saturn in Leo keepsthe whole thing grounded with doses of healthy realism.This is a perfect time for acting on any great plansthat have been cooking within your consciousness buthaven't been ready for acting upon.

All this affirmative energy, however, comes with somemore sobering issues. I've been pondering a dance betweenSaturn and Diana, otherwise known as Artemis, in Leothese last few months. This somewhat odd couple hasmore in common than initially meets the eye. If we seeSaturn through his more patriarchal face, this tough,old suppressor of energy has little in common with theprotector goddess of all that is wild and natural. Andnor is she too fond of less than noble expressions ofmasculinity. But on a deeper level, the ancient wiseface of Saturn fits very well with her essence. Bothare tough and no-nonsense, both are stoic and unafraidof being essentially alone, both demand a deep respectof natural law, whether of karma or of ecosystems, andboth are protectors of the sacred. When the tsunamiof climate change finally hit our leaders and governments,this aspect showed its true face.

Saturn pushes us all towards taking deep responsibilityfor what we create in our lives, as individuals andas cultures. Artemis demands the protection of the naturalworld in all its rawness and its innocence and describesdire consequences for the invasion and rape of its purity.On an inner level, this also represents the necessityof looking after all that is vulnerable and unable todefend itself, even in times of abundant energy. Allthis wonderful Jupiter energy can easily turn to greedand creativity gone mad in the wrong hands. At its highest,Jupiter brings together the collective good towardshealing the planet but like any archetype, has lessthan noble faces as well. At a time of excess fire energy,it's important to look after the little ones in us whocan be easily trampled.

The other very curious arrangement this month is aGrand Cross between Eros in Capricorn, Black Moon inLibra, Venus in Cancer and Ceres in Aries. Wonderfullylusty Eros gets attracted to the lovely Venus and, eventhough she shows her shy face in Cancer, is equallyattracted through the opposition. But the two lovershave to run the gauntlet of the Great Mother in bothher dark and light faces, making for an interestingpsychodrama. At the least, we can expect some sexualtension as the urges of the lovers within meet the protectivemothers in the system, which includes some places souredby past relationship experiences, as well as the healthyprotectors. This is another opportunity to get a handleon some old relating history and its residues, particularlyto do with betrayal and the dishonouring of the feminine.This theme is also repeated by an opposition from Marsin Aries, already fired up and ardent in the Grand Trine,with Juno in her home territory of Libra. The tensionhere between independence and deep relating is alsoa chance to integrate passion with commitment, particularlywith Jupiter helping both ends. Very interesting!