Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for July 2007

This month also begins with an exact Full Moon withall the luminosity, heightened emotion and primevalawe of its monthly occurrence and the tension and potentialunity between Cancer and Capricorn. Not unrelated, theother major emphasis of the month is on relationships,from multiple indicators including Venus sitting withthe Saturnian end of the exact opposition between Saturnand Neptune.

The July Full Moons occurring early in the month alwayshave a funny polarity, with the masculine Sun in thefeminine sign of Cancer and the Moon goddesses strongin the more masculine Capricorn. It's like the masculinehas a month to revisit its emotional origins, a kindof coming home to get reacquainted with the nurturingqualities of both male and female. Meanwhile, the GrandFeminine meets form and structure to use containmentand focus in its expression in the outer world.

Both this and the early January Full Moons remind ushow important it is to balance the needs of both homeand heart with the drive to express and manifest inthe world. Not to do so brings internal disharmony,emotional dissatisfaction and often illness and relationshipconflicts as each individual is pushed into narrow sex-rolesthat diminish one's freedom to express both male andfemale aspects of the psyche. These Full Moons providehealth enhancing challenges for the escapist workaholic,as well as those who are stuck in domesticity or areusing their emotional patterning to hide from the warriorswithin who want to wrestle with the world. For all ofus, a timely reminder to rebalance.

Speaking of rebalancing opportunities, this month bringsthe last in a series of Saturn/Neptune oppositions,which in many ways has been the signature lineup ofthe last 12 months. It has represented huge, yet oftensubtle, shifts in the inner and outer structures ofour lives, one that has been disintegrative and anxietyproducing as things we've felt were solid have losttheir energy. And yet these changes have, and will,continue to open us to a much greater integration betweenwhat we can poorly call the worldly and spiritual sidesof our nature. The beauty of this alignment is thatit dissolves some quite masculine defences to allowour essential sensitivity, creativity and openness tothe mystical to resurface and be claimed by the consciousego. Simultaneously, the gruff yet gracious voice ofSaturn encourages the notion of "either use itor lose it...... again". At least, this is itsgreatest possibility, but the journey towards this goalwill still be rather turbulent as reality, inspirationand delusion continue sorting themselves out.

Venus sits exactly with Saturn on his end of this spectrum,so we can expect relationships to get a little wobblyin such a fluctuating zone, but also because Saturndemands that we sort out what is truly real here, usuallyby temporarily cutting us off from others. This deliberateisolating gives us space to simply be with ourselveswithout any props to find out more of what we trulyneed in the way of intimacy, sexuality and connectedness,as well as to face the inner inadequacies and projectionsthat undermine our ability to create the appropriateform of relating for our essential individuality.

As the Goddess of Love moves through this trickierzone, she emerges into far more empowering territoryby trining a rather awesome conjunction of Pluto andLilith in Sagittarius. For those Indiaphiles like myself,this is akin to having the darshan, or an audience,with Shiva and Kali. More personally, it representsa linking with some of the deepest primal psychosexualparts of self, connecting us with the transformativeand tantric powers at the core of our spirituality.This then has the potential of changing our ways ofrelating to intimate others, of deepening our connectionto our sexuality and of further balancing the sacredmale and female parts of self.

This is also significant as, for many months now, thevarious archetypes of the dark feminine, like Lilithand the Black Moon, have been unhappily aspected. Thisuniting with Pluto, coupled with good supporting aspects,is the happiest of recent positionings and can be seenas an expression of "conjunctio" or sacredmarriage. She can show her most empowering and grace-bestowingface, supporting the equal union of the masculine andfeminine at their deepest, while clearing some ancientblockages to our hearts and sexuality and generatingsome pretty awesome sexual and creative energies inthe process.

This theme of healing of and through our relationshipsis repeated in other parts of the month's charts. Juno,the goddess of marriage and commitment, is in her homeof Libra and is opposing the serpent healing goddessHygeia in Aries, while trining the other great healerof Chiron in Aquarius. This challenges old codependencieswhile offering a balancing between relationship andindividuality. Certainly, there's much movement andsome great opportunity.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip.Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and groupleader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.