Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for January 2007

This year's chart is a very interesting one, particularlyon the theme of how to integrate our creative individuality,uniqueness, spirituality and idealism with the structureswe set up in our world, including our careers and themanifestations of our financial and material securityneeds.

The chart offers great encouragement to go for ourvisions, while highlighting the apparent contradictionsbetween what the world tells us is right and what ourvery souls demand of us. This is exciting stuff, especiallybecause the planet Uranus in Pisces is conjunct theNorth Node, that visionary point that intimates thefuture possibilities of following our soul's callings.

The two call for both radical and exciting re-orientationsin the way we live, so that the life we create is morein sync with the essence of our individuality. In Pisces,it invites a life lived closer to our hearts and emotions,to our creativity and to feeling more connected to selfand spirit.

A supportive sextile from the Sun in the earthy, disciplinedand practical sign of Capricorn enhances this messageas a major theme for the year. Obviously, this presentsmany challenges to the way our conditioning has taughtus to deal with the world. This is amply representedby the ongoing opposition between Saturn in Leo andNeptune in Aquarius which continues well into 2007.

The old version of this Saturn placement reads like"to get on in this world you have to deny yourindividuality, your passion and your creativity!"As suppressing, and depressing, as this is, it is asafer place for many than to take the numerous risksof going for your dreams. The danger of any oppositionlike this is to get polarised in one position, usuallythe easier or safer end, and deny the other. Some peoplewill get stuck with the old Saturn position, while otherswill stay with an adolescent state of ineffectual creativitythat won't face the hard yards of manifesting theirdreams in the material world, an equally stuck position.The real truth is that the Saturn/Neptune is eventuallya supportive transit for this quest, as we work beyondthe either/or position. Neptune provides the visions,while Saturn gives them the reality tests needed toweed out the delusional and the flaky in our thinking.

It's important to point out here that the Saturn/Neptuneis more about processes than results. We have to getthis right on an inner level before we can get reallyclear on what we need to do. And like the planet, there'sa fair amount of crap we need to deal with first beforethings get better. This is why many people know at themoment (thanks to some good prodding from Jupiter enteringSagittarius) that the way they've been living can nolonger be sustained, and yet the alternative optionshaven't clarified themselves enough yet.

It's one of those uncomfortable times of not-knowing,of attending to the healing and rebalancing, while waitingfor the more intuitive wisdom to arise. This shouldchange by the second half of the year. From the "dark"side of this passage comes the need for some thingsto die, particularly old denials that keep us psychologicallyinfantile and disconnected from the wisdom of the primalearthy feminine within (Persephone and Psyche conjunctthe South Node in Virgo). In sync with this is the reclamationof fire, passion and power that comes from transformingour rage from powerless anger, frustration and despairinto feisty, fiery, assertive, life-enhancing action(Jupiter conjunct Lilith conjunct Mars in Sagittariussextile Black Moon and squaring the Nodes, Uranus andPersephone! Phew, no lack of power here and as usual,how much of this becomes creative or destructive, asnations and as individuals, is how much we take responsibilityfor owning our rage and healing the underlying pain.)

All of this demands a commitment to our own depths,to drawing the deepest of inner resources from beneathour conditioning. Fortunately, Pluto and Saturn aretrining for most of the year and these brothers canconfer the courage, discipline and focus to dive intothese depths and to be able to harness our gifts withpotency and responsibility. Working well together, theyare also great for cutting through the proverbial. Howelse are we going to be able to manifest our visionsand dreams?

As for healing, this will be an extraordinary yearas we have a stellium, a multiple conjunction (albeita little wide, technically) of Pallas Athena, Chiron,Hygiea and Neptune, all in Aquarius. Each of these hasawesome healing qualities, each opens us to levels ofknowledge that are beyond the rational mind and eachis an initiator into altered states of consciousness.The fact that they are all together, combining theirenergies and supported by Jupiter, is unique and mayhappen only every 50 years, probably longer. While it'shard to put this into words, what we do know is thatany healing work we participate in will have additionalvoltage, with some almost miraculous effects and somespectacular openings, spiritually and psychically.

In this respect alone, it's going to be a ripper ofa year!

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