Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for february 2007

Last month we mentioned the number of planets and asteroidsin Aquarius in this year's chart, namely Chiron, PallasAthena, Neptune and Hygeia, all of which have extraordinaryhealing qualities and act as catalysts for significantspiritual openings. In this Aquarian month then, wehave the Sun and Mercury highlighting and activatingthe potential for these openings. As these inner planetscross this fantastic collection, anything can happen!

The month begins with the Sun exactly conjunct Chironon one side and Pallas on the other. The three of themhave a great sextile to the expansive Jupiter, whichserves to extend and elevate their operations with additionalgrace. The Wounded Healer reminds us that the very essenceof the inner healer lives at the core of our woundingand so whenever he is active we can expect healing experiencesmasked as wounding ones. The trick is that the woundingalready exists within. He will attract experiences whichserve to replicate and catalyse the much earlier material,so we can get to it to heal. So any healing or therapywe may do at this time has extra power behind it andso the benefits can be greater and deeper.

But there is more afoot than just the fruits of ourconscious efforts. In this combination lie hidden powersdriven by an almost ruthless compassion. Within thisfour way equation lie the archetypes of the teacher,the guru, the wizard and the warrior priestess, a formidableteam operating in sync to heal, initiate and to openthe mind. Its operations are guided by a degree of intelligencebeyond the scope of the rational mind. Each of thesearchetypes has the ability to direct Shakti or spiritualpower accurately, surgically, to any part of the selfor any branch of the chakra system that needs releaseand unblocking. This is why the potential of this timeis both so extraordinary and so hard to predict. Greatmysteries are afoot and with them come the opportunityof connecting more deeply with these capacities withinone's self, not just for the month but for the wholeyear. Magical stuff!

The sign of Aquarius is innately a gifted place withineach of us, a place of expanded awareness that seeksto share its awesome range of knowledge for the benefitof all. Those born with Chiron or Saturn in Aquariusknow the pain of not, at least initially, being ableto make that kind of contribution to the collectivegood, while intuiting the deeper possibilities of whatis hidden within themselves.

This is one of those times for the re-awakening ofthese gifts, which can come in the form of the experienceof heightened awareness, great flashes of intuition,insight and creativity.

All of this sounds fantastic and in potential it isbut, like unblocking the plumbing, the healing doesn'talways come gift-wrapped and there are certain dangerswhen old stuff is moving while big openings are happening.Intellectual arrogance and spiritual ego tripping areamongst the latter, as well as emotional insensitivity.We can get so high, we don't know who or what we'restepping on, a common Aquarian trap. A good strategyis to stay open to the incoming, while not getting tooattached or hung up on the results, as they may be onlytemporary.

As for Mercury, he is conjunct Hygeia, that healergoddess asteroid who holds the secrets of Kundaliniand the serpent wisdom of the deep feminine (along withPallas who specialises in the directing of this Shaktithrough the use of thought, word and mantra). Once again,there are awesome healing possibilities but successis dependent on how much we can let go of what we "know"and how much we can trust the deeper non-rational healingenergies at the core of our selves. Much of our workhere is, as always, getting out of the ....... way.

In the case of Hygeia, when we can't trust, we usecontrol and manipulation. The challenge is to allowthe energies of our deeper emotions, of the body, andour sexuality, in its less genitalised expression, toarise. Better to dance with the Shakti that to spendtoo much energy holding up the leaky dam wall. As Jupiteris conjunct Eros in Sagittarius, there is much supportand encouragement for the former and reinforces thepossibilities for a lot of sexual healing, as well asfor staying loose when there are some very strong energiesaround. However, Saturn in Leo is opposite both Mercuryand Hygeia, so watch out for doing the latter or denyingthat anything is going on, because there is a lot goingon. Saturn in Leo can be so invested in preserving itsego or protecting its pride and dignity it can missout on both healing and fun. Better to use Saturn energyto be able to hold and contain the Shakti than to holdit back.

Finally, in honour of all that is magical in this month'sproceedings, Jupiter and Uranus are squaring each other,very much a wizard combination that contributes muchhigh energy and dynamism. While not the most stableof connections, it is one of the better squares andwill certainly add vibrancy to a very interesting month.Hope you enjoy it.

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