Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for APRIL 2007

Daniel Solewu looks at the stars for April 2007.

In January, we found that one of the main themes ofthe year is about breaking away from some of our moreconservative life patterns in order to create a lifethat is more in synch with our essential individualityand its life purposes. The latter was represented bythe transiting North Node of the Moon getting progressivelycloser to the idiosyncratic Uranus in the sign of Pisces.This month these two bodies come together exactly, bringingthe energy and the inner longing of this line-up toa head. With Mercury and Hygeia as well, they are alsoat the head of a brilliant kite configuration.

If your world is anything like mine, there are peopleall around making radical re-orientations of their lifedirection, whether manifest as a change in career, asea change or a stepping towards something that wasonly considered a dream not too long ago. If one isunwilling or unable to hear the call of this, Uranushas a tendency to throw a dramatic and unexpected crisisor loss, in order to force some major re-evaluationof one's current goals and values.

Even though this is coming to a head energetically,it doesn't necessarily mean you have to make it happenright now, although there is often a sense of urgencyif inner decisions haven't been made. But once thathas happened, when a commitment to change is made, thenthe energy is honoured and the pressure diminishes.The manifesting can come later, and if you are trulyon track, you get supported, even by the old Saturn,who paradoxically has often acted as a dream-stealerat other times.

There is always a degree of tension between the Nodes,between past and future. Leaping too early to escapethe tension is often disastrous if we are not emotionallyand psychically ready. We can't simply ignore the SouthNode as what's unhealed from the past will trip us up.Without bringing the wisdom and depth of the femininewith us, what gets produced is another great idea withno real foundation to ensure its long-term survival.On the other hand, to hang on too long allows the resistanceand fear to exhaust us while missing the quintessentialmoment of perfect timing.

All in all though, this month's chart is one of thebetter monthly ones I've seen for many, many months.A kite, a number of grand trines and multiple sextileseasily outnumber the squares and oppositions. To startwith, a grand trine in fire between the Sun in Arieswith Jupiter and Saturn allows the brilliance and individualismof fire to be expressed in a balancing of expansivenessand self-discipline. This is great energy for expressionand getting things done.

Similarly, a normally tricky conjunction of Mars andNeptune is getting multiple sextiles from Jupiter andPluto. What's tricky about the former is that it tendsto bring up some distorted expressions of unexpressedanger, assertiveness and desire, leaking out to produceconfusing and disturbing experience that make anyoneinvolved feel irritable, done in, abused and undermined.With the supportive sextiles though, it can allow amore positive situation where Martian drive can be temperedand more creatively expressed by the intuitive and sensitisingeffects of Neptune. As in unstructured, creative dance,we can draw deeply from the archetypal and mysticalrealms to inform and guide our actions.

The Moon in Virgo is conjunct the South Node and formsanother grand trine with Venus and Eros, which in turnis part of the kite, with multiple sextiles from thelatter to the North Node, Uranus, Mercury and Hygeia.The Moon/Node connection speaks on one level of theneed to let go of old emotional patterns from the pastthat inhibit and make us fearful of unexpected changeand growth. With the South Node involved, we know thatsome of this resistance comes from even more ancientorigins than just our childhood, and on this level thesame is a calling to own the earthy, sensual, potentwisdom of the deep feminine, whatever its origins. Thegrand trine connects and spreads this potency to Erosand Venus/Aphrodite to empower and deepen our connectionto both masculine and feminine faces of our sexuality.This is a quiet, yet very juicy combination to bringinto our relating.

It's not all smooth sailing relationship-wise though,as Venus is in a T-square with the ongoing Neptune/Saturnopposition. Even though there are some great openingsfrom the trines and sextiles to the lovely Venus inTaurus, the t-square is a tricky one, one to make uswatchful of slippery and seductive individuals and situations.This arrangement often provides some hard but necessarylessons around boundaries, or the lack of them, sexuallyand emotionally. For some, it can mean being drawn intosituations that initially feel great, but end up slammingthem. Whatever the case, it can teach us the differencebetween accurate intuition as opposed to self-delusion,which is always a fine line.

Overall, then, April is a much better month. Here'sto be able to hear the calling of our truest self andto be able to leap at the perfect time, perfect foreach of us!
Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc. Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and groupleader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.