Crystals of Change

Doron Berger explores the role crystals can play in our changing times

Doron Berger explores the role crystals can play in our changing times

The Earth's natural crystals and gemstones are things of rare beauty. They are also tools that offer us much support through this time of accelerated transformation. At this moment we may be feeling scared or confused, enlightened or excited. Wherever we may be, we can look to the Earth for extra support.

The physical Earth is 4.5 billion years old. When you place a crystal in your hand you are holding something containing an imprint as ancient as the Earth itself. That crystal was present at Earth's birth, although it may have undergone many incarnations to reach its current manifestation. Crystals are the physical and lasting embodiment of Earth's story, evolved through intense pressure and upheaval. They manifest in myriad intricate forms, each type with its own mathematically precise and ordered crystalline structure, which stores within it the extraordinary energy that sustained its own creation.

And it is these myriad crystalline structures that make crystals so remarkable. Consider this. If you strike a tuning fork and hold it next to a guitar without even touching it, every guitar string remains still, except the one tuned to the same note as the fork. This is known as resonance - an object vibrating at the same natural frequency as another forces the second object to vibrate as well.

Similarly, specific crystal matrixes will resonate at the same frequency as corresponding aspects of our body and brain. So, imagine matching a particular crystal with a chakra, which normally resonates at the same frequency, but is currently out of balance and causing illness or dis-ease. The energy vibrating through the crystal's matrix could cause the chakra to resonate, and restore balance. Alternatively, the frequency of the crystal could raise that of the chakra.

There is possibly a crystal matrix, or combination of matrixes, for every frequency of human brain and bodily function. In this way, every aspect of imbalance, dis-ease and negative emotion could be addressed and healed. Humanity has intuitively known this for thousands of years, attested by the Ancients and their use of stones.

So, specifically for this challenging time of accelerated transformation as we struggle to find balance within ourselves and with the planet, which of these gifts from the Earth can help us, and how? The list is long, as each of us has different needs. Some of us require a catapult to a higher plane of consciousness, while others need emotional strength. Some others of us are ready to serve the Earth or the rest of humanity, and require the tools to do so.

Here are some examples of crystals and gemstones that we can currently rely upon for support. They can be held in meditation or laid on chakras. They can be carried in a pocket or worn as jewellery (silver acts as an excellent conductor of energy).

Moldavite formed when a massive meteor slammed into Europe 14.7 million years ago, vibrates at a very high frequency. It is the ultimate stone of transcendence, enlightenment and transformation and is here for the good of the planet. It is what this current age is all about.

Labradorite helps us to illuminate the different levels of our personal awareness, exposing deeply buried unconscious patterns and helping us to realign with our Truth.

Sugilite gives us hope and positivity and protects us from the negativity around us. This beautiful purple stone helps us to ground higher spiritual energies.

Lapis Lazuli promotes awareness and self knowledge, identifying patterns that have prevented spiritual development.

Larimar promotes balance and harmonises one's spiritual and material realities. This high frequency stone is an Earth healer, gently and lovingly supporting the self realisation of the planet.

Tourmaline, which manifests in every colour imaginable, has many useful properties including clearing and repelling negativity, fostering harmony, love and joy, grounding and bringing peace and cultivating strength through love.

Turquoise heals and protects the spirit and fosters wholeness by helping us to accept all aspects of ourselves, both the positive and the negative. Only through personal wholeness can we experience Universal Oneness.

Quartz Crystal is an amplifier and will intensify the energies of other stones.

The list can go on, each crystal with its own character, offering its own set of worthy benefits.

As we move forward into the new age, we can prepare ourselves with resources, both ancient and new. The Earth has provided many of these in the form of crystals. It is only a matter of choosing the right one for us.

The author is the director of Blue Turtles, a manufacturer of crystal and gemstone jewellery. A full library of detailed information on crystals can be found at www.blueturtles.com.au/crystal-fact-files