Creating Miracles - by Maitreya

Reclaiming the instinctive creativity we all knew aschildren comes when we 'switch off' that intrusive mindnoise, says Maitreya, a monk of the Ishaya Ascension.

There is only one difference betweenevery budding artist and Michelangelo, between everystruggling songwriter and Mozart, and between everyaspiring Wallaby and Michael Lynagh - and it's not thatthe three aforementioned achievers were gifted withthe genes to excel. Thank goodness, for there is verylittle you can do about your genetic makeup. Yet thereis unlimited potential for your own creativity to expressitself if you just know where to put your awareness.

Every human being is able to create miraculous, inspiringand truly wonderful expressions of whatever art form theypractice, whether it be ice carving or oil painting. Theonly thing that stands in the way of expressing true creativityall of the time is focusing on the incessant chatter ofthe mind. It is only thinking that stems the unlimitedflow of talent pouring from everyone on this planet. Thislast statement may sound a little strange - after allsurely the "greats" were blessed with geneticsuperiority, a heap of financial support and, most ofall, a huge chunk of luck that lined up to create legendsout of extraordinary men and women. Well, it may appearthat way, but if you ask many of the most successful creatorsthey will probably admit that "they" were notactually there when they produced their best works orscored their most prolific tries. In fact, most of thegreat creators will happily admit their most groundbreakingdiscoveries and works came from an experience that wasfar beyond "them", an experience of silencewhere there is no "you" or "them",silence that just is.

Inside everyone is a place of profound peace, endlessjoy, gentle one pointed focus and universal clarity thatlies just below the surface worries and fears of the mind.This place can be called Source, the Divine, Satori or,to some, God. The name is irrelevant, the experience iseverything, and, believe it or not, living the Peace thatPasseth Understanding is your natural state. Everyonewas born to create, to live a life of splendid celebrationand express their unique divine essence in a million vibrantways, and the secret to allowing this to unfold effortlesslyis to reconnect with the silence that lies within you.

This experience is not a concept, it is not an idea, itis not even a very clever trick of the mind; it is anever present, utterly solid and increasingly wonderfulplace of perfection. It is always there, and the onlyreason that everyone does not experience it all of thetime is that most people have turned their active attentionaway from it to focus on thinking.

Thinking is the predominant habit of humanity at the moment,and it occurs when anyone's attention is taken from Sourceto the thoughts that move randomly through the mind. Wheneveryou are thinking, you are turning your back on your naturalstate, and immediately your experience of life is marredby judgements, self doubt and feelings of inadequacy.Whenever you turn your attention to the Divine, theseillusions all dissolve and you are free again to createand live life to its fullest.

The mind or the ego that so many people speak about ismerely a collection of thoughts that run through yourawareness, and when you are watching the mind, ratherthan thinking, this experience of perfection automaticallypresents itself.

The Source is well documented, particularly in spiritualcircles. But acknowledging it as a concept or even catchinga glimpse of it from time to time as you find yourselffalling into this experience is one thing, whereas activelyresting in it is everything. By consciously focusing onthe truth of everything, the experience of Nirvana startsto develop. The emptiness of the void becomes increasinglyfull and incredible, until one day the mind is seen forwhat it is, an elaborate illusion. Whenever you are notimmersing yourself in this place of quiet inner silenceyou are thinking, and when you are thinking you are blockingthe creative flow of the universe. There is nothing wrongwith thinking, but perhaps the reason each of us was bornonto this incredible planet was to live from a place beyondthought, and to express your own divine creativity fromthere.

A friend of mine once got a very agitated call from anAmerican inventor friend of his. The inventor was a multibillionaire, with over 150 patented inventions on themarket. He had just come up with what he thought was hismagnus opus, the invention that would top all of his previousdiscoveries, and yet he was dismayed. My friend askedhim how he could be so downhearted when he had just comeup with such a great idea. The inventor answered thathe had just realised all of his greatest creations hadnothing to do with him. He had realised they had all emergedfrom the source of quiet within him at times when, bygrace, he had stopped thinking about what to invent. Herealised he could take no credit for any of them, andhis ego was feeling a little unappreciated!

The beauty of true creativity is that your mind neverhas anything to do with it. The expansive movement froman experience of silence, often called Soma or the HolySpirit, is the most natural expression of life and allowsall sorts of wonderful works of art or inventions to manifest.Fortunately for many creators, the art of creation andconnecting with the experience of Source are synonymous.The two are so wonderfully interlinked that many artistslove painting because they experience the Divine whenthey are at their easels, and their best works arise fromthat experience.

If you have ever started to work on anything with a purepassion that comes from this space of non thought (somecall it the heart), it flows easily and naturally. If,at some point, you have then started to listen to thevoices in your head, you will have experienced how stiflingthis can be. As soon as the artist starts to think, theconscious connection with Source is broken, and the creativitythat is being nourished dries up as the mind gets involved.Your best, most wonderful, moments will have been whenyou were not thinking. The times when your intuition andexpression of love were at their most heightened willall have been accompanied by an experience of deep completenessand a distance from the mind. The mind is not some horribledemon, it is not some powerful construct that holds peoplein fear and suffering; it is just a collection of thoughts,many of which are unpleasant, that most of us have learntto focus on out of habit.

Abraham Maslow, the world famous psychologist, calledthese "peak" experiences. He actually documentedthe synchronicity that arises in the left and right hemispheresof the brain, the normalising of blood pressure and thebeneficial hormones produced by the body when the mindis at rest. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognisethat life and the body function more harmoniously whenan inner peace is being experienced, and yet so many peoplestill choose to ignore this place. For some, it is justthat they don't believe it is possible to live a continualcelebration of creativity, expanding more and more intoa perfect expression of the Divine. For others, the appealof thinking, no matter how painful, has become such ahabit they don't even believe it is possible to live anyother way. Yet more and more people are interested inreuniting with Source, and exploring at least the possibilityof being permanently at peace. The most wonderful thingabout this experience is that it is closer than your nextbreath.

If you are a budding artist, or a sportsman, or anyonewhose heart's desire is create more in this incredibleworld, then don't listen to the doubts or the insecuritiesof the mind. They are just voices in your head that keepyou in separation from your true nature. That is all.By shifting your focus onto the peace within, you becomea vessel to express whatever wants to flow through you.By reconnecting with Source you are able to achieve greatthings, to help humanity, to make art that lights up otherpeople's lives and to live your own life to its fullest.If you are someone who was very creative as a child (andI guarantee that covers everyone reading this article),then being aware you can dive into the seat of all creationis an incredible thing to realise. Knowing about the richesthat exist within makes living in mediocrity less appealing!The next step is taking a deep breath and actually doingit. Fortune favours the brave and there is more out therefor everyone. Good luck.