22.10.2013 Consciousness

Conscious Living's 25th Expo Probes Future Health and Healing

Conscious Living Expo marks 25 years of holistic health and sustainable living

The Conscious Living Health Lifestyle Expo is celebrating a remarkable 25 years in 2013. This popular exhibition and conference event is held in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and brings together world renowned holistic health and personal growth authors, celebrated psychics and mediums and accomplished health practitioners.

The upcoming Perth event of the Conscious Living Health Lifestyle Expo and New Earth Festival will be held over four days from Thursday October 17 to Sunday October 20 at Claremont Showgrounds, in the Robinson Pavilion. This year's event has been dubbed the 'New Earth Festival' as it has a specific focus on promoting healthy sustainable lifestyle choices, as well as organic and eco health and wellbeing products and services.

The full program is available on the website where visitors will be able to take advantage of the early bird discount tickets, register for psychic readings and receive a free entry ticket or bring a friend for free.

The Expo has added to its selection of presenters, keynote speakers and special guests two exceptional international individuals, in Perth for the first time.

Learn Paida and Laijin

Keynote speaker, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCM) Master Xiao Hong Chi of Beijing, will open the Expo at 11am on Thursday October 17 with a free demonstration of the Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) system of Paida (tapping and slapping) and Laijin (tendon stretching).

Paida and Laijin are meridian therapies that help reset the body's innate self healing capabilities.

Spiritual Medium and author, Gail Thackray of the US took a lead role when she interviewed John of God of Brazil for the documentary film about his work. She will conduct workshops and seminars, including 30 Days to Prosperity. Gail has been a medium at John of God's free clinic since 2005 and has been called John of God's "emissary".

Sacred Sound Meditation Music

Expo visitors will enjoy live music concerts with One Tribe and a preview of the amazing Crystal Voyager concert with acclaimed musician, Rupert Guenther, a Big Sing Workshop event with voice master and musician, Chris James, as well as performances by Chiho playing the very rare Crystal Armonica.

For those wanting to chill out and relax there are free sacred sound meditations with Kyela in the Sound Temple each day, a unique experience of the harmonising resonance of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, wind goings and Fibonacci pipes.

Saturday Discussion Panel

The Future of Health and Healing will be the focus of the Discussion Panel on Saturday afternoon with sustainable health advocate Peter Dingle PhD, and bestselling author Dr Sandra Cabot, UK space clearing author Eric Dowsett, singing and voice coach Chris James, and psychologist-founder of the Nature Code, John Thompson.

New Health Technologies

New health technologies will include the Vie Light intranasal light therapy device, which can improve blood circulation and energise the mitochondria within the cells, and the Lucia Light, which invokes deep theta relaxation and immersion into wondrous worlds of colour, sacred geometry, pineal gland activation, body free consciousness and more.

Book Launch

Psychotherapist, Elizabeth Robinson will launch her new book, There Are No Goodbyes, relating her communication with Professor John Mack, post his death, and WA author, Moya Love will launch her book of channeled messages, With Love From Joy.

Celebrity Psychic Mediums

Popular participating psychic mediums include Francis Bevan, Matthew James and Amanda Hall, as well as Scott Alexander King, Rev. Bente Hansen, Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst, Dawn Collins, Elizabeth Robinson, and Gail Thackray.

Natural Therapies, Eco Friendly

Among lifestyle and natural therapists will be Perth's Ali Jardine, who is launching her book, The Colour of Health - Food for Life. She will present a workshop on the health benefits of eating foods by colour. Visitors will enjoy the comprehensive range of natural therapies to experience, and on the Practitioner Stage learn about clean green eco-friendly solutions such as electric cars, composting, worm farming and growing an edible veggie garden, protection against EMF Radiation and Sick Building Syndrome and earthing solutions.

Perth, Melbourne, Sydney

The Conscious Living Health & Lifestyle Expo is an exhibition and conference event held each year in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

For more information and tickets visit www.consciouslivingexpo.com.au