Connecting Threads

When we understand that all is energy and that we can change our own energy vibration, we choose our destiny, says Jo Buchanan.

When we understand that all is energy and that we can change our own energy vibration, we choose our destiny, says Jo Buchanan.

We now know that physical matter is not really 'solid'. It is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything is made up of vibrating molecules that consist of particles interacting with one another.

A large block of ice appears 'solid' and is heavy. Its molecules are vibrating at a slow rate of frequency, causing it to be dense. But if the energy of heat is applied to it, the interaction creates change. The heat accelerates the vibratory rate and the dense energy of the solid block of ice turns to liquid. Further application of heat energy can then cause it to change form again, become vapour, and disappear altogether. If we were to then apply 'cold energy', the vapour would change back into water and with further application return to its original form of a heavy, 'solid' block of ice.

The application of Reiki, acupuncture, bush flower essences and crystal healing are just a few healing modalities that alter the frequency rate of someone's personal energy. Vibrational healing involves working with the energy field surrounding the physical body and has been practised for thousands of years. This energy field is referred to by different names. Some call it the life force field or aura. In India it is known as prana, in Japan ki. The Chinese call it chi.

The Ancient Egyptians knew about vibrational healing and also healing through sound frequencies. They practised sleep therapy in which a seeker for healing would be placed in one of the temple's incubation chambers and hospitalised for a period of time. Chanting, singing and other rituals took place to create a higher vibration for the healing to take place. This would help the patient to fall asleep and dream. On awakening, the temple physicians would interpret the dreams to provide a psychological diagnosis of the patient's problem. This would then be backed up by the administration of herbs, unguents, counselling, cleansing and purification.

It was believed that through sleep therapy, the seeker would awaken to his real self and regenerate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Chanting was used because of their belief that sound unblocks energy at very deep levels, releasing suppressed emotions and thereby restoring equilibrium. Documentation of these healing methods is clearly depicted on papyri thousands of years old and carved into the walls of ancient temples such as the Temple of Hathor in Denderah and the Temple of Khnum in Kom Ombo.

When I was taking meditation classes inside Mulawa Maximum Security Prison, we always began by singing favourite songs. We'd follow this with the toning of OM and then the playing of music that contained sounds of a forest or the ocean. The energy inside a prison is heavy and depressing. Heightening the vibration in this manner before meditating made a big difference, making it easier for inmates to relax and participate.

The early Spiritualist churches received teachings about 'solid matter' being vibrations of energy long before modern day scientists discovered the fact. To illustrate these teachings, channels known as physical mediums were used to materialise physical objects. These objects are known as apports. The Oxford Dictionary describes an apport as 'a material object produced by occult means'. Wikipedia describes the manifestation of an apport as being 'a paranormal transference of an article from one place to another'.

The teachings in the spiritualist church explained that if the energy frequency of what appeared to be a solid object were accelerated, it would disappear. It could then be re-materialised through slowing down the energy vibration - similar to the changing form of a block of ice to vapour and back again. It must have appeared to be like magic to early spiritualists.

A Melbourne group during the 1920s and 1930s received countless apports in this manner. "We were told that the vibrational rate of the atoms of an article could be stepped up to such a high speed that the article was no longer visible to the eye or tangible to human touch. Then, while in its de-materialised state, it could be transferred to the place where it was to be re-materialised." (i)

Native Americans teach that we are all part of the one web - humans, animals, trees, rivers, stones - all vibrating at different frequencies. So if we damage one single thread of the web, the entire web is affected.

When Princess Diana died, the outpouring of grief was a worldwide phenomenon. During that period, a large decrease in hospital admissions for mental and emotional illness was noted. Mental health experts believed that as each individual wept for Diana, they also released suppressed grief and sadness accumulated throughout their own lifetime. The outpouring of profound grief was automatically accompanied by the salving of old, forgotten hurts.

If we are all ONE, separated only by the different frequencies of our individual vibrations, could this then explain the Chaos Theory? The Chaos Theory in physics is based on the idea that when a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, there is automatically a corresponding reaction to it in some other part.

Once we can accept that we are all interconnected, it is easier to understand the concept of synchronicity and coincidence (or co-incidents). In recognising this and working with it, we can help to create change in our world. The two basic laws of the universe are 'What you put out is what you get back' and 'Like attracts like'. It depends on the individual whether he or she chooses to focus on, and thereby create, negative outcomes, or positive ones.

With recent earthquakes and tsunamis, epidemics of fear abound with constant prophecies of further doom and gloom including predictions that the world is going to come to an end. As vibrations of fear spread throughout the internet and newspapers, vulnerable people absorb them and consciously or unconsciously distribute them further afield. But every single one of us possesses the power to alter the outcome of undesired predictions. In releasing our fear, we automatically change our personal energy vibration, which, in turn, attracts more positive people, situations and outcomes.

One of the shining, all-pervading results of disasters in recent years has been the unconditional support, compassion and generosity of human beings from all around the world to each other. It is as if we have touched a chord within the hearts of each other through the reverberations of a very fine tuning fork. And in doing so, we are activating an evolution of spirit.

(i) The Certainty of Eternity, author L.C.Danby. Publisher New Holland, 1974.