02.02.2017 Mindfulness

Clearing The Way

Mindfulness and non attachment have influenced Eric Dowsett in developing the technique of clearing

Disease, sickness, depression, anxiety and hardship just don’t show up one day in our lives. The manifestation of these, and all other conditions, has their roots in our past. They are products of information that we have inherited or acquired along the way. They all have their basis in a misconception, a misunderstanding, from our distant, or not so distant past. This has developed into a unique way we have of relating to that which the self experiences.

Most people – once symptoms present – follow the path to the next level, that of seeking outside help to ‘fix’ the problem. We are so conditioned by our past that we seek answers from the same conditioning that created the problems. We look to ‘do’ something to help ourselves, our family, our friends and our environment. Yet we are still looking from within the ‘reality’ that created the problem in the first place.

If we want to understand what and why ‘stuff’ happens we must go within, learn to observe the self and the way it responds or reacts to particular situations, people or events. Therein lies the biggest challenge, for the “system” that created the imbalance holds us all prisoners to a belief that dis-empowers. While we believe in the system, a collection of points of view, we simply try to find answers from within that reality. There are no answers in a system that is based on polarised thinking, of blame and judgment, or lack of responsibility for whatever arises.

For change to be positive and sustainable we need to be able to shift from one energetic state to another effortlessly, to work with our own “body field” to be effective in restoring balance and harmony into our lives.

Clearing offers a way out, a path that at first appears to require us to “do” something to bring about change, but the doing involved in clearing has been designed to self destruct. The more you practise clearing the less you need it.

At each moment in time we have a choice; the degree of choice has to be a product of our past but as we practise exercising our choice to not give energy to what we notice or to judge it as good or bad, then we starve the past. Without our energy the past conditioning has no life and cannot continue to exist. When this begins to fall away the possibility of a new future unfolds.

Clearing is essentially the art of being; of allowing, not judging; of being fearless, without attachment to the outcome.

At first, it appears to require us to do something in order to achieve this state of being-ness, to notice what we experience, to understand why we are experiencing this and to simply let go of judgment and attachment. We are asked to stop giving energy to the thoughts and emotions that arise in our awareness and simply acknowledge whatever shows up.

When we no longer carry the stress from a conflicted past, the body is no longer in fight or flight mode and can begin healing itself. When the body comes back into a balanced state, so will the world around it. Harmony can be effortlessly restored by acceptance of what is, by clearing the path.

Eric Dowsett

After being introduced to Space Clearing in Australia over 20 years ago Eric has developed his own process for clearing the space and people based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment. www.ericdowsett.com