01.03.2015 Consciousness

Choose Your Own Story

Infinite possibilities exist in alternate universes so we can choose our own reality, says David Arenson

"If a universe can be imagined, it exists." ~ Professor M. R. Franks

"There are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast all around you from distant stations. At any given instant, your office or car or living room is full of these radio waves. However if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies are not in phase with each other.

Each station has a different frequency, a different energy. As a result, your radio can only be turned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are tuned into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot tune into them." ~ Professor Steven Weinberg

Is there a theory of the universe that is so wildly unlikely, so limitless, so enchanting, and so unbelievably miraculous that perhaps it could be true?

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force…" ~ Max Planck

Could there be infinite possibilities (alternate universes) that all exist simultaneously in the eternal now moment, all happening and coinciding with each other in their own space and time?

If this is our "reality" then truly, everything one ever thought was true, is not - we may have to recalibrate every idea or concept we ever had about life itself.

In parallel or alternate universes, alternative versions of who you thought you were are living their lives, going to sleep, having dreams, and waking up in an alternate world!

In each parallel universe, this alternate self has different skills and interests. In another universe, perhaps they've discovered the cure for old age, or cancer, and perhaps their entire social conditioning is radically different. Imagine the possibilities of an infinite number of ethical, moral and political experiments.

"We all exist in multiple universes and create our own bubble of reality." ~ Gerald O'Donnell

This struck me as potentially the most significant insight one could have about one's own life, in that we are ultimately responsible for choosing our reality. It is through our choices in how we view our lives that our lives change.

We can create our own alternate realities via the "stories" we create about what we see and experience. Philosophically, one can speculate endlessly about parallel universes, yet existentially and practically speaking, we are making a choice via the narrative we adopt. We are sculpting our world via our choices.

From moment to moment, we are empowered to make a difference to ourselves, to others, and to our world. It is interesting to imagine life as a looking glass filled with infinite possible alternate realities.

One can miss a matter of great significance even when surrounded by importance. To reflect on our choices and responsibility in all aspects of life, is inviting in consciousness and empowering making new choices and living "at choice". As in, the more awareness we bring to light, the more choices we have.

If one sought oblivion in solitude, it would only make life empty of substance; devoid of the choice of whom to be. It would remain a potential lost.

The physical manifestations we experience have scientific causation. Our perspective is the prime cause. What exactly is "perspective?" The dictionary (Apple Inc.) defines 'perspective' as "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view."

This is an outlook, stance, frame of reference, approach, way of looking at things, an interpretation. It is how we view the world. We each have a unique and distinctive viewpoint.

Our perspectives shift and change our perceptions of reality. These perceptions result in beliefs that are convictions about the world, the things we accept as real and true. Our beliefs lead to our behaviours. How we behave is the end point that causes events to occur, and leads to the results we get.

"The more aspects of our being that we simultaneously exercise, the more likely that transformation will occur." ~ Ken Wilbur

Change happens when you want it to happen. As the Buddha said, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought." It all depends on perspective and if the point of origin is in the now, we can be the architect of our future. Even if everything has failed, or seems bleaker than the darkest night, still there is hope in a single moment, the present moment of choice. One can still make a new choice that can entirely and radically change everything. As James Allen wrote, "In the ocean of life, the isles of blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming."

In fact, if we were in a state of gratitude over every event, our worlds would shift entirely, our whole experience of life would dramatically transform as all would be good, all would be well, all would be okay as it is.

"Habits of thinking need not be forever. One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think." ~ Martin Seligman from Learned Optimism

If we are stuck within our little box of reality, our little paradigm that says we have a past, present and future and this and that identity, culture, family, we will remain shipwrecked, far from seeing the true picture - that reality is way vaster than we can imagine. This Super Reality is the space and spaciousness beyond space and time, the ethers where true reality exists, the space where infinite possibility resides.

If our whole perception has been completely stuck in how we perceive ourselves, we are actually "stuck" in time and space and, potentially, it is only in our dream state, that we have the capacity to really "travel" beyond space and time.

According to Burt Goldman, "An infinite number of parallel realities exist." Goldman's website, Quantum Jumping states, "In alternate universes, everything you desire may have already taken place." One could certainly understand falling in love with quantum life with many worlds representing reality - an endless river flowing into the ocean opening to all eternity and returning to the one who has loved all creation forever.

This means that the pain and suffering we see happening throughout our planet is just a scene on one of the cards. The adversity we are going through as a collective is because we are feeling so disconnected from our souls' calling. Have we just forgotten who we are?

Is the whole truth in the sun and the stars, in the fact that it is consciousness that creates and binds the whole universe together, in the idea that all is love, and all that is important for us to know is love? This is our infinite potential, our breathtaking universe. Is this the ultimate message behind it all?

Whatever may come is okay, welcomed, accepted, without resistance. Effortless living is easier than struggle. There is nowhere else we need to be, but in the here and now, and in the sparkle in each other's eyes.

We can change our perception, we can choose a new narrative, we can if we choose to. Come together now. Déjà vu to the journey that never ends.

"yes is a world & in this world of yes live (skilfully curled) all worlds" ~ e. e. cummings

David Zenon Starlyte

David is a channel for Divine wisdom. His intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, confidence, self love, abundance and happiness. An empath, David's healing is focused on bridging the gap between addressing core wounds and reaching limitless possibilities, to living an extraordinary life. David’s passion for synthesising Eastern and Western approaches to spiritual wellbeing, has seen him immersing himself in the biblical tradition as a monastic, studying Western Naturopathic Medicine and Buddhist / Taoist Healing under three living masters - Master Chen in China, Grand Master Mantak Chia (Time magazine’s top 100 most spiritually influential living people) in Thailand and Ajahn Brahm (one of the world’s foremost masters of meditation) in Australia.

For more information, he can be found at: Website: http://davidstarlyte.com, , Email: davidstarlyte@gmail.com , Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamstarlyte