01.12.2012 Consciousness

Celebrate 21.12. 2012

December 21, 2012, as a great universal solstice, is a potent opportunity to invite the Divine into our lives. Make sure you celebrate it, urges Jeremy Ball

I think most of us have realised by now (and I'm sure many of us were never taken in by the false advertising) that the world is not going to end on December 21, 2012, whether by tidal wave or a meteor crashing into the earth, not even with a global nuclear war. Not with any number of highly dramatic scenarios. The world as a physical entity is not going to end and, come December 22, you will still have bills to pay, children to feed and neighbours to try to get along with. Having said that, if you are, in fact, a mutant robot from Zyborg reading this wrapped around your cyber chips, I was wrong!

Nor is the world going to stop spinning on her axis and we will all become instantly healed. Alas, extraterrestrials are not going to make a mass landing on earth and see to it that we are all individually tutored into enlightenment and - I hate to blow your hopes - but the heavens are not going to open for God to speak directly to us from his/her heavenly abode.

So now we have the two extremes out of the way, let's get to why it is worthwhile and important to mark the great celestial clock in turning to 21.12. 2012, as we measure it.

In my travels and explorations to all parts of the world and in conversation with spiritual and religious leaders during the past 14 years, one thing they all agree on is there is no one date when everything will shift to bring awakening and a Golden Age. There are only opportunities, ripples in the fabric of time and the universe that allow us to sip at the cup of the Divine.

Many elders, in fact, talk of other dates during 2013 and beyond as having greater significance than 21.12. 2012, yet most of them still consider 21.12. 2012 to be a very significant turning point.

I think of it as a car (universal consciousness) that has been on a very (very, very) long journey over many terrains and is just cresting the hill at the climax of that journey. When it gets to the top of that hill (which we are only millimetres away from now in time) the engine is switched off. The journey is not over, but the motor's job is done. The car then coasts down the hill as all the mechanics of the mind, the engine, required to get us up to the top of the hill are no longer needed. We can unwind and let go of all the now unnecessary structuring in our hearts, our emotions, our personal relating patterns, our societal structures and our world governance. There is still a long road ahead but we are on the return journey and coming home is always easier.

Will people have incredible inner experiences of moving between planes and communication with higher beings? For sure! Will there be continued huge change in societies the world over, particularly to do with governance, finance and international relations? Absolutely. Unusual weather patterns will continue and increase. Will this happen in one day? Of course not.

The next 20 to 30 years will have the greatest change as we birth all these new possibilities. But there is no single day or point, rather a never ending rise in awareness dancing into ever higher delights. And this is why we must celebrate and take this opportunity to dance together to remember all the great achievements and sacrifices and failures and heartache and fun throughout all the ages, from all our ancestors and all our incarnations. And we must forgive. We must remember the great deeds and the great beings. We must hold the pain of the misadventures of others and our own and forgive, but also help to let go so that we can be born more fully into what is to come.

We have been moving into these times for many years; some people are already living the consciousness of the Golden Age. Sri Bhagavan of Oneness University, whose mission is specific to 2012, says the Golden Age was conceived in 1989 and birthed in 2012 and, like a toddler, walking by about 2035, the time when it will be really visible in the outside world. By this time, the massive changes and new consciousness will be grounded in the new world. It is a process and we are right in the middle of it.

There are many ordinary people in high states of awakening now in the world and we will all reach this spiritual peak - it is something for everybody. Even if we don't even realise what has happened to us, our lives will become easier, more in flow, there will be greater peace and happier relationships. People who are consciously on a spiritual path will experience deeper states of peace, joy and connection.

While this is a shift that takes time to anchor into the world and into each of us, this point in time on December 21, 2012 is an opportunity to drink from the cup of Grace. Just as at dawn and sunset there is an extra energy, an extra possibility to empower one's prayers and engage the Divine, this opening is even stronger at the equinoxes and solstices. This great universal solstice of 21.12. 2012 that occurs once every 26,000 years, is not just a curtain call from the Divine but a full balcony appearance and wave. So make sure you are there in the crowd and receiving this darshan.

Yet there is a third even more convincing reason to mark this day, and that is to offer yourself in service and reverence to this planet, our gorgeous Mother who gives us life. 21.12.2012 is a huge day in her life, a galactic birthday, a Mother's Day Supreme. Not only is it wonderful to acknowledge her spirit and her bounty but it is a wonderful opportunity to be funnels of light, channels of Divine Presence, in commitment and service to our planet for her highest healing. In the same way, as we focus on our own awakening and inner healing, we are serving all other beings on this beautiful planet and, ultimately, Great Spirit and Mother Earth. As our vibration rises and we come from love, we send out powerful vibrations that affect all beings.

So I encourage all of you to mark this day, to celebrate, give thanks and to honour. You can do this by lighting a candle before work and sitting in meditation for a while or you can create a gathering in your community. However you choose, please, please don't just let this day pass as another page in the calendar.

I will be holding a retreat in the caldera of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) near Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia and the first place to receive the sun's rays each morning. The Sun is physicalised God on earth, and his rays are symbolic of inner light, lighting your inner being as you journey towards Light within your self. We honour the Sun and give gratitude to the light of God, receiving the radiance of the Sun's rays.
To give you an idea for your celebration / creation / honouring, I will show you some of what we are doing to inspire and inform your marking of the day.

For the days leading up to December 21, we will be immersed in healing processes, to bring us into greater alignment with the Divine and to bring clarity to the places within that are out of integrity or in need of healing. It is a time to draw in the infinite Grace that is available, to wash us clean and restructure our inner worlds. Connect with your Divine Presence, review your life and pray for Divine Grace to support you in healing your relationships, and to show you where your life is out of integrity, where you need to make changes to come into alignment with the Divine and the new energies. Take time out to connect with yourself, to feel into your heart and discover your inner self. Spend time each day allowing your feelings to communicate with you. Fully immerse yourself in any deep feelings, allowing their expression until they are fully felt, and pray for Divine help to do this. It is a wonderful time to deepen your Divine connection and mould your relationship into a deeper, ever more fulfilling, one.

On the 21st, we will rise before sunrise, contemplate our lives and the darkness of places where we are disconnected from the Divine. We will become helpless, acknowledging that the self creates the struggle, negativity and sadness. Surrendering to the Divine, we will ask for help and then connect at sunrise, with prayer, intention and ceremony to honour this Divine Presence. We will pray for our awakening and for that of the whole planet, and dedicate ourselves in service of the planet. Take yourself to nature where you can connect with the elements, lie on the earth, talk to your Mother, listen to her communications, connect your heart with hers, and ask to be brought into alignment with Her.

We will spend quiet time in communion with the Divine, out in nature, in the volcanic cauldron of Mount Warning (Wollumbin), allowing the Divine to work its magic. Then there will be time for rich celebration, a bubbling forth of joy from the heart.

Wherever you are at this profound time, may you be blessed and filled with Divine Grace. Know and trust that you are so deeply loved and that your life will be filled with radiance, great ease and love and the deepest peace. Keep that vision alive for yourself. Wishing you a beautiful celebration as we all mark this time, the true beginnings of the New World for us all.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au