01.05.2013 New Age

Brotherly Love

Braco , the gazing healer, is to visit Australia. Sahaja Coventry shares her sense of anticipation

"You have to check out this guy named Braco. He's from Croatia and he has some sort of amazing gift! I know you will resonate with it."

A couple weeks later: "Oh, I forgot to mention, his gift comes through his gaze - he doesn't speak, he just gazes at the audience." Soon followed by "Quick, turn on the computer. That Croatian man I told you about is about to do the first skype/live streaming and it's free!"

How would you feel if you received those three messages on your answering machine from an old friend in America? Or, in my case, my cousin in Florida. My reaction was, "Oh, good lord! What has she gotten into?" followed by, "What nonsense, we all know we are responsible for our own life! Some people are missing the boat."

Another month passes and she calls again so I pick up the phone. I realise this isn't going to stop, so I agree then and there to look at the website. My mind stops. My previous judgements and assumptions instantly dissolve. Everything goes very quiet as I look at a photo of a man who carries something so ancient and serene that all I can feel is humility. Tears well up and I sense my life is going to change in ways I cannot imagine. That was two years ago, and after watching many Youtube clips and ordering several DVDs, I knew in my heart I had to invite Braco to Australia. Did I mention that six months of severe arthritic pain in my big toes also vanished upon watching my first DVD? Dismissing it at the time as wishful thinking and placebo, I marvel that the pain has never returned.

Many people feel a sense of recognition or familiarity with Braco, (pronounced Braht-so). Perhaps that's why his mentor gave him this name literally meaning "little brother". Braco's story is interesting. He had never read a spiritual book in his life or shown interest in such matters. At the age of 26, with initial scepticism, he accompanied his mother to see a Serbian prophet and healer named Ivica Prokic. At this time, Braco had a successful business, a Masters degree in Economics and no shortage of worldly security. Upon meeting Ivica, something so foundational shifted in him that his previous life fell away in a matter of days. He spent 18 months by Ivica's side, not learning anything specific, simply being there as a beloved friend. Ivica's life ended suddenly in an accident, leaving Braco the one to return to Zagreb, Croatia to break the tragic news to his followers.

Upon hearing the news, a mother pushed through the crowd insisting that she had had a dream where she was told if he would touch the photo of her child, the child would be helped. This indeed happened and word spread fast that Braco, like Ivica, had a gift.

For eight years, Braco saw people one at a time. Eventually, the crowds grew so big something had to change. In Bosnia, where more than 7000 people were waiting, he worked 36 hours straight. When he saw there was still a crowd, Braco asked his staff to gather the people and had the inspiration to gaze out over the crowd. From that simple gaze of a few minutes astonishing changes occurred.

Fast forward 18 years. Braco now sees up to 250,000 people a year, primarily in Europe and the United States. In November 2012, he was honoured at a special United Nations community event in New York City with a gift of a peace pole for his ongoing commitment to helping the people. He is currently being invited to many new countries and yes, he chose Perth, Western Australia!

Braco does not teach or provide any instructions on how to live. He does not offer spiritual philosophies or religious dogma and there is no judgment of those who choose to experience his gift, only unconditional love. Because of this, he has not spoken to the public since 2004 and does not take media interviews. The testimonies that come from people having experienced his silent gaze speak for themselves.

Even in Australia, where only livestreaming has been available, there are many reports of benefits received. There seem to be no limitations in what arena of life they show up. These testimonies continue to spread the word of what is potentially possible. Carol Turner, a Perth resident, said, "After one live streaming session with Braco, I received such a wave of strong energy. So wonderful to know and experience such profound unconditional pure loving energy. I really do believe my body was recalibrated to a new beat. We all remain blessed to be able to experience this incredible man."

Braco humbly refuses to accept any credit for the transformation people report and clearly states that it is not he who is helping those who come to him. Rather, it is that which comes through him, through his eyes, that decides who, when and how they will be helped.

He does not call himself a "healer" and he does not promise any help or cure and a gazing session is not meant to replace medical help or therapies already prescribed by one's practitioner. The only prerequisite is that nobody under the age of 18 or pregnant women past their first trimester can be in the gaze, although people can hold their photographs.

The event in Perth will be held at the South Perth Community Hall on Friday-Sunday, June 7-9 offering nine sessions a day holding 300 people per session. People are travelling from the East and some even from America. More information is available on www.braco.net. Braco doesn't accept money for his work, however there is an $8.00 fee for the organiser to cover necessary costs. Sessions last 30-35 minutes including an introduction plus a short video clip followed by the gaze concluding with one or two sharings.

It is with great delight and anticipation that we welcome this extraordinary, yet ordinary, man to Australia.

Sahaja Coventry

Sahaja Coventry has been teaching wholefoods/macrobiotics for 23 years and delights in sharing the tools and knowledge that have transformed her life.