31.07.2017 Astrology

Bolts of Clarity

Two powerful eclipses charge this month with energy and

opportunity, says Daniel Sowelu

This will be a high octane month, one with both depth and significance right down to the soul level of being, catalysed by two eclipses on the 8th and 22. Both are hyper charged with the second being quite extraordinary with multiple opportunities.

The solar foundation of the chart, the Leo Sun is conjunct the warrior archetype Mars, a fiery passionate energy of drive, action, assertiveness and an ability to take on life’s challenges. It is very much a can-do combination that supports us to be more focused and engaged in achieving life goals. The two on their own are very masculine; however they are also conjunct Persephone, the goddess of death, rebirth and transitions, ensuring that the masculine can’t simply charge off without consulting and honouring the deep feminine.

Persephone builds in strength over the month, energised by the first eclipse and culminating on the second.

Her presence ensures that this is a time of endings and beginnings, of letting go of the past, allowing ourselves into places of uncertainty and vulnerability, while waiting for the new versions of our lives to show themselves.

She’s been around for months but, in now aligning with the Sun and Mars in a fire sign, momentum is building for the creation of new beginnings based on more authentic and psychologically mature versions of self.

This journey into the dark and primal layers is paralleled by simultaneous expressions of expansion and grace, as the Sun/Mars/Persephone combination also sextiles a spiritually powerful and brilliant exact conjunction of Jupiter and Shiva in Libra. While the deep feminine transforms our core, she is supported abundantly by these archetypes of the sacred masculine, which enhance processes of deep change with doses of trust, faith and healthy yogic detachment.

Whenever either Shiva or Jupiter is present, our ability to flow, even in the most difficult places, gets appropriately lubricated.

This is not a time then to sit back, meditate and allow it all to happen. While the Jupiter/ Shiva combination supports meditation in general, many of us subconsciously use this practice to escape or anesthetise, something that enrages the deep sacred feminine. With Persephone and her fiery fellow travellers, we must act, ideally using combinations of psychological and spiritual processes, physically passionate and cooling practices.

This balancing dance between masculine and feminine is replicated all over the chart, and greatly illuminated by the first full moon eclipse (2.20 am AWST, 4.20 am AEST), where both the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon positively aspect Jupiter and Shiva. The latter’s consorts are also doing a dance of their own quietly off to the side in early Capricorn, where Kali, Juno and Hygeia continue their deeply alchemical transformative and tantric tango.

A deeper expression of this dance, an intense conjunction of Saturn and the Black Moon in Sagittarius, is in many ways the signature aspect of this month and of both eclipses. This is a meeting of two ancient powers, historically antagonistic ones but now coming together to unify the depth and wisdom of both sacred masculine and sacred feminine. Underneath the old story of patriarchal masculine at war with the witchy dark feminine, the residues of which will also surface at this time, is a satsang, a meeting of truth, between a god of earthy realism and wisdom with the dark mysterious face of the great mother.

Both energies are intense in their desire for transfiguration and purification, for getting to the raw absolute truth of things, for demanding that we face and work with our deepest shadows and distortions while mining our deepest reservoirs of sacred and transformative power. Their ultimate goal is to prepare us being agents of real change in the world and the two coming together intensifies that demand and its opportunities.

So we can expect more inner turbulence as these psychic-emotional residues from our family systems, past life records and 4000 years of patriarchal culture get activated. Also expect opportunities to be more internally unified on the deepest levels allowing us to take the fruits of that out into a world that desperately needs it.

The second eclipse, an electrified New Moon in Leo (2.25 am AWST, 4.26 AM AEST), is an extraordinary combination of all these processes.

Like a big fire on the mountaintop, the eclipsing Sun and Moon are conjunct Mars, North Node, Persephone, and are the pinnacle of a kite alignment, sending multiple grand trines to Uranus in Aries and Saturn/Black Moon in Sagittarius.

Such an eclipse, when exactly on the North Node, represents endings and new beginnings in alignment with our highest soul purposes, where we can use the creative “spanda” or outburst of fire energy to initiate and catapult us towards a life that allows our authentic self, the essential soul fire of self, to be expressed in the world. Unlike the South Node in Aquarius, we can no longer just think about where we are heading but need to act from our intuitive knowing.

And if we are unclear about where to head, an eclipse such as this, drawing from the radical awakening energies of Uranus, can send bolts of clarity right through our conditioning and uncertainty. Simultaneously, the subterranean meeting of Saturn and Black Moon serves to ground us deeply in the earth of our own authentic knowing and wisdom.

Both eclipses are potent and gracious times for ceremony, ritual and sacred practice, use them well!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.