31.05.2018 Spirituality

Be Divine

Cornelis Reiman offers a glimpse of the peace that comes when we choose to ‘just be’

Just be.

Just be what divine providence presents in each thin moment of time that we can agree constitutes reality.

We can also agree that too many people pursue things outside of that fine line.This means they pay attention to what was, or to what might be. Essentially, they live in a world dependent upon memories or expectations.They exist according to habits of thinking constantly linking them to the past, such as a regret, fear, uncertainty or doubt. Perhaps more than one of these plays upon them. As well, they create an existence that is dependent on the future, with this driven by wishfulness, hope, need, want and desire.

Frankly, there is no higher calling for someone falling into an abyss of false bliss than to defy the gravity of their situation.

Do you see how people make a decision as to who and what they will be? Do you see how the collection of choices made by them voices their preferences? This says it all.They fall constantly. They play the same game over and again, never winning, always losing, still choosing the way they were.

This is how things are for much of humanity.

You meet people who boast about how they are, and about how good life is. But, you know they don't have total happiness.You know they have stressfulness. It shows.

It goes without saying that playing the roles crafted by our fears and desires conspires against our better self by letting us caress the falseness and hollowness of the human condition.

Actually, we tend to be slaves to the behaviour that we allow.

How do we stop what we create? How do we stop the love and hate that makes us take the road less travelled? What if all of this was unravelled?

Consider how it is in that people remain attached to their mismatched existence. Also, consider how this is allowed to continue through thoughts brought to mind and, then, kept there.

So, do we just drop all of this thinking, the linking, the connections, the affections for what was normal despite it not being right in delivering calmness and contentment?

Consider that your true destiny is sent to you in the aforementioned thin moment in time. This precludes you adding to it, such as staying in touch with your former self and repeating previous habits of thinking.That means no longer shovelling anything from yesterday into today.

In other words, and you have heard something like this before, it is everything to do with living in the present.

But what is this exactly? In fact, reality comes about when there is no regret, fear, uncertainty or doubt, as well as there being no wish, hope, need, want or desire. These conspired to keep you tied to your former self, being the one who was unhappy some of the time, or more often than that.

Basically, finding divine fate softens all of the former habits and stops these by dropping everything from your attention. It leaves you to be true to what is in the present moment that, as already suggested, is best understood as not carrying anything from your past.Then, this emptiness of mind lasts.

Let us return to how we can be aligned with our divine destiny. Just to be. Just to be what comes when there is no human condition shaping us.

Reality exists when anything arises that relates only to three things. You. Here. Now.

This means that any thoughts can be dismissed as unrealistic and unnecessary if these are about someone else, somewhere else or some other time.

I should add that 'here' means right where you are. Your footprint. Your physical self. As for 'now', it is the very instant in which you exist. It is just one thought wide.

Live this way. Pay no attention to what you know slows the spiritual development of people.Therefore, keep all of your former thoughts away.

Live this way with divinity guiding your life.

Only do what comes naturally.

There is no other way to be if you are to see your true fate clearly.

Be like that.

Be divine.

Just be.

Cornelis Reiman

Cornelis Reiman, born and raised in Australia, is a healer at a remote temple in Thailand and he has an international following.

What he does for people as a healer and teacher is captured in books that were written by him after his life shifted away from a successful career as a corporate advisor. These are available on Amazon.com.