Balancing our Lifeforce

Feng Shui recognises the fundamental importance of balance in our environment, at home and elsewhere, says Juliana Abram.

Feng Shui recognisesthe fundamental importance of balance in our environment,at home and elsewhere, says Juliana Abram.

Lifebegins at the point of conception. This is true forthe life of a human being, the life of a business, thelife of a marriage, a partnership, a friendship, a cityand even a home.

The concept that our environment can support us inour specific endeavours in life arose more than 6000years ago in China. It came in the form of what we nowcall Feng Shui, a science developed over many yearsof investigation and observation of nature. It is whatunderpins the interrelationship between us and our environment.

The life enhancing practice of Feng Shui has been introducedinto the West in many different forms. But as with anythingin life, unless a Feng Shui school takes into considerationthe aspects of time, space and action, then it is notwhat the ancient masters set out to achieve.

Classical, authentic Feng Shui professionally practisedcan help us connect with the good influences at a givenpoint in time, and avoid, or at the very least, minimisethe more negative stimuli. To attract wellbeing andprosperity into our life, we have to create a balancedand harmonious space - this is not only about the useof colour, furnishings, pleasant aromas, beautiful artefactsand soothing sounds. It is much more fundamental. Thepractices mentioned have been developed to enhance oursensory experience of the environment, but do not fullytake into consideration what may already be missingin the lifeforce or energetic template of the home.

A life filled with consistency and stability, goodhealth and vitality, fulfilling, loving relationshipsand, of course, prosperity and abundance is often consideredto be "in balance". The search for balanceis as old as life itself and, for most of us, an everconstant process.

Balance is the fundamental state of being which enablesus to live life to its fullest capacity and with positiveinfluences. And "balanced" spaces are generallyconsidered to be harmonious. In Feng Shui terms, thismeans having a home (or business) design which harnessesthe universal lifeforce / chi / energy so that it supportsus in enhancing our life.

The hub of life is usually centred on the home. Themodern home design concept is changing. The indoorsis merging outdoors with beautifully decorated homesthat make the most of their outdoor living spaces whichare as imaginative as the indoors. The separatenessthat was once created between us, our daily life andthe environment seems to be diminishing.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the home design conceptis the opportunity to make the best of what we have.Our home and personal space can support us in enhancingand expanding our potential as human beings in a waythat is connected and empowering.

A home design, particularly one that encompasses FengShui in a responsible way, considers all aspects ofour relationship with our living environment, includingaesthetics and the way in which we prefer to live life.Feng Shui aligns a person with space so that it reflectsour true needs and desires.

By learning about, understanding, appreciating andtaking care of the environment, it will take care ofus. In this way, having a rudimentary knowledge of FengShui principles, paying attention to our environmentand making some positive alterations will change thechi or lifeforce so that we benefit in a way that notonly enhances our physical and material world, but ourmental, emotional and spiritual life.

Feng Shui recognises that the quality of our environmentinfluences our state of mind and our quality of life.For many of us who lead busy and often stressful lives,it makes sense for our homes to be places that nurtureand rejuvenate us, providing us with a sense of peace,the comfort of the beauty within the aesthetics of thehome and a sense of joy. A well designed home providesnourishment and a solid foundation for growth so thatwe are well positioned to go forth and be successfulin the world. Even without professional consulting services,we are still able to make some fundamental changes thateffectively improve our life. In particular, for thoseof us firmly entrenched in a home, there are at leasttwo main areas that can be addressed and possibly bringabout some benefits.

Firstly, the entrance to the home is of critical importanceand will dominate the overall influences we experiencein life. The principal carrier of energy is the frontdoor and secondary influences are other entry points,and windows. Consequently, keep the area around allthe doors clean, tidy and inviting to allow for theimproved flow of energy.

Secondly, the correct position of the master bedroomis vital to your sense of wellbeing and your abilityto have healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships.If there is an experience of constant arguments withyour spouse or dissatisfaction with your love life,don't just grin and bear it - move the bed, or betterstill, move to another room. If your situation improves,stay there. If nothing changes, move to yet anotherroom.

Make some modifications but...pay attention, be awareand see what change is created. If it's positive, staywith it, if there's a backward trend or no improvementat all, try again.

Our quality of life improves when the lifeforce iswell synchronised and balanced within us, our immediateenvironment and the world at large.