30.01.2018 Astrology

Awesome Opportunities

Seize the chance for new beginnings in the eclipse energies

of this month, says Daniel Sowelu

February is most definitely an eclipsing month, with the start coinciding exactly with a total lunar eclipse at 11° of Aquarius and Leo, to be followed up by equally potent solar eclipse on the morning of the 16. My regular readers will know that this will be a catalytic and sometimes cataclysmic time for everyone, with some awesome opportunities for great leaps, openings and healing in our individual journeys.

The Aquarius Sun conjuncts the South Node, Venus, Hygeia and Juno, these four in turn conjuncting Kali and Parvati.

This creates a long multiple conjunction of great power, with a strong focus on relationships and sexuality, and with great spiritual and karmic significance.

With such a gathering around the South Node of the Moon we can be certain that this will play out unconsciously, and that this first eclipse will be an opening to significant past life territory rising to the surface. This is driven by intense karmas seeking expression and completion, while providing, for those who have access to this territory, great knowledge, skills and gifts that seek reincorporation into this contemporary world.

Eclipses are highly unpredictable, with those that directly engaging the Nodes even more so.

Inherent in this conga line of archetypes around both are the themes of relationship transformation and healing, the purification of ancient karmic legacies, the possibility of dramatic spiritual and tantric awakenings, and for another revisit to the vision of the sacred marriage. Each of these themes, both ancient and present, are psychically and emotionally hyper charged.

So this is a magnificent time for deep inner work, working on our relationships, purifying and releasing old pain, and for reclaiming this series of Shakti goddesses embodied by Hygeia, Kali, Parvati and her Greco-Roman counterparts, Venus and Juno.

On the other end of this full moon eclipse, the Leo Moon conjuncts Ceres, or Demeter, on the North Node, offering up a different vision of the future; of love and respect for the natural world, for further development of environmentally friendly technologies, and for greater sharing of the abundance of life across nations, particularly to do with eradicating hunger, boosting international aid and genuine, mutually supportive trade.

Operating like a second Moon, Ceres is an earthy expression of the Great Mother who seeks to love, protect and nurture all her children, which includes all sentient beings on the planet as well is the earth itself.

Like all North node combinations, this is a potential vision for us as a civilisation, however idealistic it may appear.

But our ability to manifest that vision is dependent on what we do with the energies of the South Node and the necessary karmic hurdles embedded there.

Jupiter is also a huge player in the eclipses and the month.

He forms an expanding grand trine with the two great healing powers of Hecate in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces, sextiles the transformative Pluto in Capricorn and sends multiple squares to all the Shakti goddesses in Aquarius, drawing the very best possibilities out of each complex.

Whenever big processes are afoot, Jupiter confirms the ability to trust more deeply, let go more easily and be able to flow with grace amidst the deepest processes of healing and transformation.

Jupiter is also exactly conjunct the goddess Psyche, supporting our ability to open our hearts, to refine and elevate our capacity for love and awareness in all matters of the heart, right down to the very soul level of connection.

Lovers of the mythology will be delighted that while Jupiter opens Psyche, he also sends an enlivening sextile to her consort Eros, an enactment of the great journey of relationship evolution embodied in their mythological story. Check out the writings of the Jungian Robert Johnson and the mythic tarot deck written by the astrologer and psychotherapist Liz Greene to tune in to these two relating well.

And if you do so, you may also feel echoes with the Shiva/Shakti journey towards the ultimate sacred marriage, which is also powerfully reflected at this time. The Shiva asteroid, an archetype representing the highest expressions of sacred masculine, in Sagittarius sends equally positive sextiles to the same Shakti goddess collection which includes the goddess Parvati, with whom he has the most exalted relationship in the Indian Pantheon.

From Aries, the revolutionary Uranus also sends sextiles into this multiple conjunction in Aquarius, while trining Shiva. This doubling up of exalted masculine energy can produce dramatic awakenings in the name of authentic personal, tantric and spiritual freedom.

This super powerful three-way line-up between two fire signs and the energetic air of Aquarius increases in strength throughout the month.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury progressively cross each of the later goddess asteroids, culminating in them all joining up in the second eclipse on the morning of the 16 (4:51 AM AWST, 7:51 AM AEDT)

As a hyper charged new Moon Eclipse that echoes for many months, this is an exceptional opportunity for initiating new stages in your life and for having breakthroughs in your healing and spiritual journeys that have long-lasting consequences.

I encourage everybody to use the blasting off, new beginnings energy of this time. Choose ritual and ceremony, deep spiritual and tantric practices or conscious dance - basically anything that opens your availability to the energies of this awesome opportunity.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.