Astrology Q&A

Q. On the very day of this conjunction (of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune) it will also be conjunct my Sun and Chiron in the 4th, trine to my Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house, opposite Pluto in Virgo in the 10th, square to my Ascendant in Sag and opposite my North Node as well as my Ninth House Uranus in Leo. I am already feeling this event as a considerable level of anxiety in my body as well as an explosion of sexual and electrical energy running through my body. I do a lot of chakra work and tantric practice, plus I'm a big dreamer. Do you think that I will finally disappear up my own chakra? (Written with humour.)

A. Well, that would be interesting wouldn't it!? You might just go up in a puff of smoke, which could mean a successful transition, transcending the whole caboodle, pppfff!

But.........as tempting as it might be - and basically it's part of the deal for "Chironics" (people with strong Chiron's) to have at least a subconscious urge to escape the planet - it's not recommended in terms of fulfilling one's dharma and karmic mission.

Seriously though, this is obviously a big one for you and part of your Chiron Return to boot, which is big enough on its own. The challenge for you then is getting the right mix of being available to the process by keeping on moving the energy, but not so much as to blow the fuses. So be watchful of the edges, be kind and moderate to yourself and especially the little girl in you as your Chiron/Sun conjunction the Fourth House describes a deeply wounded child in you who has carried the psychic burden of both parental wounds as well as significant past life karma on her small shoulders. As much as she will want to be released from this burden, this process will be activating levels of pain and trauma that she's been relatively anaesthetised from until this point. This as where the anxiety is coming from, both stored stuff from your childhood as well as her responses to the current movement.

That all this is in Aquarius also means you have to watch out for the tendency to think that you know what your child needs, when her reality may be quite different. There's a feeling of emotional abandonment in most Chiron positions and especially in Aquarius, which has a tendency to split into the rational to avoid the pain and the messiness of the emotions. From the child's experience this constitutes a secondary form of abandonment and even though you've done a lot of work, it's an important tendency to watch out for. Basically, for everyone on the planet, this multiple conjunction is meant to open up new, uncharted, unhealed and unknown territory, irrespective of how much work we've done, or think we've done.

So get closer to her as you journey this. Get supportive, nurturing help to stay grounded and to reassure her with things like quality bodywork. The dominant, non-dominant hand dialoguing of inner child work is particularly good for finding out what her reality is and what she needs from you, her adult, for support, to feel safer as these big things are happening. As much as she might be wounded she is also a source of great and simple wisdom about what you both need to heal. She is also a gatekeeper to more ancient levels of knowledge and power.

From your description, all this must be happening close to your South Node, which speaks of both ancient past life karmas as well as gifts that you as a soul have brought in to work with, refine and bring into this life. You're obviously connected to powerful healing and psychospiritual abilities that want to be manifested creatively in this life.

This great conjunction will help enormously in removing obstacles to doing just this, including a tendency to be excessively caught in your own inner processes in a way that allows you to hide out at home and in the past. One of the gifts of the Chiron Return is to target our tendency to be subconsciously identified with the wounded one in us, so that we can fully, truly claim the healers and in doing so, get freed to live more from our North Nodes. For you this means really getting your professional life in true alignment with your ultimate soul purposes. What a gift!

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.