Daniel Sowelu looks at our stars for March 2008.

Daniel Sowelu looks at our stars for March 2008.

Even though this is essentially Pisces' month, Marchcontinues many of the themes of February, due to thenumber of personal planets still in Aquarius still activatingthe heavyweights Chiron, Neptune and Lilith. The maindifferences are that the Piscean movement of the Sunbrings a deeper and broader emotional tone to proceedings(basically, we'll feel things more), as well as drawingin the sharper, and more chaotic, energies of Uranus.Another pot stirrer of a month, but one with great potentialfor creative manifestation.

To begin with, the Sun is moving away from opposingSaturn in late February, easing off the breaks and pickingup in pace and positivity as it gets closer to conjunctingUranus exactly on the 11th, while sextiling Jupiterin Capricorn during the same period. Overall, this speaksof a lot of erratic energy around, intent on challengingour routines, orthodoxy, conservatism, inflexibility,agendas, plans and expectations. It elevates the needto make dynamic change, increasing restlessness, frustrationand the need for freedom, while lowering our tolerancefor boredom and doing the same bloody thing day afterday!

If we can get in touch with this inside ourselves,then we have a chance of making some good creative decisionswhich can relieve pressure and allow greater freedomand flexibility in our day to day world. If we are unconsciousand/or ignore the call from this higher level of awareness,then we tend to get victimised by "circumstances"that disrupt what our egos are trying to do. Being anouter planet means it's beyond our ability to manipulateand control, so the best plan is to get in alignmentwith its call, which is to basically break up old habitsso that we can express more of our essential individuality.Uranus is also one of those parts of self that haveaccess to much greater awareness of what is possiblefor each of us as individuals across the board in ourlives, personally, professionally, spiritually. If youare significantly stuck in your life, this could bea circuit breaker.

Traditionally, Uranus is not so concerned with themanifestation part of this and, being not so earthy,can be pretty out there in some of its ideas. But whateveris of true value in its inspirations receives good supporttowards becoming achievable by the sextile with Jupiterin Capricorn. Jupiter has a similarly expansive effecton our awareness and horizons, but in Capricorn alsohas a realistic eye on what can be created in the physicalworld. Those of us ready to make some radical, but realistic,leaps in our worlds will be greatly supported by thisaspect.
Relationships are an area significantly challenged duringthis month. The restlessness of Uranus and the needfor dynamic change can put paid to some bonds, but theprocesses are much deeper than the need to change andnewness. Venus, along with Mercury, is conjunct Chironin Aquarius, representing the resurgence of old woundsand unresolved pain that affects our capacity for openhearts and deeper intimacy. Chiron targets early anddeep wounds of abandonment and rejection, particularlyby a parent, that have become a template for our expectationsand experiences in relationship, as well as much moreancient wounds, from conception, birth, even past lives,all of which have produced shadows on our hearts. Intrue and compassionate ways, he creates experiencesthat replicate the earlier wounds, so that we can accessthem in their rawness and be able to do some deep healingaround them.

Similarly Juno, the ancient goddess of marriage andcommitment, is conjunct Pluto, representing a time oftesting and transformation of any issues from the pastthat has inhibited our ability to go deeper in a relationshipor to being able to sustain a lasting connection withanother. If a relationship is unable to transform orone partner is unwilling to go with the process, thenthe energy can easily end the bond. The call for honestyis particularly strong here - much better a policy thangetting stuck in power struggles and control battles.The latter is a distinct possibility for some as Marsis directly opposite the Juno/Pluto, a lineup that caninvoke some powerful rage stemming from a buildup ofunresolved issues, suppressed independence, insufficienthonesty and too much handing over of one's power. Inthe wrong circumstances, this can take some dangerousand violent expressions, but seen correctly, is a callingto release and heal some very deep forces in oneselfand one's relationships, as part of the transformativeprocess.

The possibilities for release and purification in thisare also significant in a much larger context, as theNorth Node, which recently entered Aquarius, is in atightening conjunction with the asteroid Lilith. TheNorth Node is a visionary, futuristic part of the chartthat speaks of unification, or more accurately reunification,with whatever it touches. This, then, is a calling toown this ancient and powerful expression of the feminine,in all her sacredness and her psychosexual, psychospiritualpotency, a process which necessitates the purificationof old rage, grief and anger, whether from family systems,cultural and/or past life sources. Inherent is thisvision is the possibility for relationship based ontrue equality and mutual empowerment, something clearlyworth fighting for.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.