01.04.2017 Astrology

Energy release

Daniel Sowelu sees a strong push for transformative change in this month of Aries

02.03.2017 Astrology

Fire on Water

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu looks beneath the surface in a multilayered month

02.02.2017 Astrology

Power and Grace

Two eclipses will add more power to an already hyper-charged month, says Daniel Sowelu

31.12.2016 Astrology

Saturn and Jupiter stability

In such turbulent times, it's very reassuring to have these two great giants so well placed, says Daniel Sowelu

01.12.2016 Astrology

Points of Light

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu views the post-Trump world

31.10.2016 Astrology

Scorpio Rollercoaster

In true Scorpio style, it's a rocky ride this month, says Daniel Sowelu

30.09.2016 Astrology

Jupiter’s benevolence

Jupiter's presence this month supports our belief in a loving benevolent universe, says Daniel Sowelu

01.09.2016 Astrology

High Voltage Eclipses

Two eclipses hypercharge this coming month, says astrologer Daniel Sowelu

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