Animals as Family

Holisticvet Dr Clare Middle explores that uncanny link betweenowners and their pets that brings happiness and healthto both.

Didyou know that families with pets are likely to be healthierthan families who have no animal members? A recent fiveyear research project conducted with thousands of peoplein Germany and Australia has shown that pet owners are10 per cent less likely to attend their doctor or ahospital, and more likely to feel generally healthier,than their non-pet owning counterparts.It is estimated that pet owners therefore save the AustralianGovernment $3.86 million a year in health expenditure!

The researchers said that governments should support,not restrict, pet ownership. Local government shouldencourage ownership of cats and should provide adequatedog exercise areas. Older people, especially, shouldbe encouraged to keep their pets. This way, governmentswill be saving money long-term.

This evidence then got me thinking about how pets doactually make usmore healthy.

Probably the most obvious health benefit from owninga dog isincreased physical exercise, which is so important forour health,and so lacking for the average member of most Westernsocieties. Itwould be even more lacking without all those dog walkersout there inall weathers, carrying out the exercise most recommendedby doctors -brisk, regular walking!

And more stillness from our frenetic lives is neededto balance theequation. How often have you stayed reading and relaxingon a coldwinter's evening, instead of getting up and cleaningup the kitchen,because you didn't want to disturb the cat asleep onyour lap?

Regularly patting of an animal has been proven to lowerbloodpressure and reduce the need for, and improve the outcomeof, cardiacsurgery.

They say that love makes the world go around, andthere is no greaterunconditional, continual source of love than a pet dog.In theWestern world, we have become more separate from eachother. We tendnot to have the extended families and close villageliving of thepast, and for many people, animals are their only close,lovedcompanions. The sociability from strangers that is initiatedif oneis out for a walk with a dog often just never happensif alone.Maybe while patting an animal, the pet's energy fieldis "takingaway" certain negative energy frequencies fromtheir owners, andthereby pets are lessening the disease of their owner?

Dogs, in an energy sense, (on a Kirlian photograph,which shows theauric or energy field of the dog) appear as mostly heartchakra. Dogsin general, are so unconditionally loving, some wouldsay too lovingfor their own good, and it is common for dogs to sufferheart diseasewhen older.

In contrast, cats are usually independent and lookafter their ownneeds, and heart disease is rare in cats.

It is interesting that the most definitive researchinvolves cardiacpatients, in particular, showing improved health dueto havingcompanion dogs. We could infer that the frequency ofthe heart chakraenergy is especially transferred between dog and owner.

I can list numerous owners who have diseases surprisinglysimilar intype to their animals. How often have I heard an ownersay, "Oh, butthat's what I've got too!" when I diagnose theirpet's condition.I have seen owners who have had repeated unsuccessfulsurgery totheir knee, and so has their dog, to the same side knee,and yetothers who have severe allergy or chemical sensitivity,and so doestheir animal. Or both owner and animal are diabetic,both have a backproblem at the same vertebral space, both have a thyroidimbalanceand on it goes.

Although I have seen so many cases of shared human/petdisease ("Oh,it must run in the family," the owners joke!),these are the extremecases where the energetic pattern has existed for solong in thehousehold, it has eventually become manifest physically.(Thisconcept is scientifically explainable, according toEinstein's lawsof physics, which states that energy and matter at thequantum levelare continually interchangeable).