Angels at Findhorn

Angel artist and writer Kayt Macleay shares her experience, values in everyday life.
Kayt Macleay shares a luminous experience at Scotland's home of spiritualityIn 1950s London, it was fashionable to have a sanctuary in your home, a place to be at peace, to meditate and pray. Eileen Caddy, a medium, sat quietly meditating in a sanctuary and heard a voice say, "Go with your husband Peter and live in the country." Recognising it as divine guidance, they moved to country England.

Eileen and Peter lived in a caravan, grew vegetables and received unemployment benefits. A man from the social security office came to visit and asked them, "Who supports you?" They responded, "God provides." The official replied, "In that case, you don't need this money," and promptly stopped payments.

To get by, they wrote a spiritual newsletter and marketed it to friends. Later, they were guided to move to a temperate area of Scotland and "grow vegetables". Here in 1962, Eileen and Peter settled in a caravan park near the village of Forres with others, including medium, Dorothy MacLean. Together, they developed an approach to organic gardening in co-creation with the nature spirits and devas of the land. They also communed with an angel who called herself the Findhorn Angel.

The most remarkable result was an extraordinary garden manifesting in pumpkins the size of a TV, potatoes the size of a hat and other giant-size vegetables. In tandem with this activity, a community gathered around the original group and more divine guidance arrived, encouraging Findhorn to move its focus from growing vegetables to "growing people".