A Saving Grace

This month we come into the extraordinary event that is the multiple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune at 26 degrees of Aquarius. It's probably the most significant lineup in terms of healing and spiritual development since the turn of the century. At the very least, along with the Uranus/Saturn opposition, it is the signature astrological event of the year.

While it peaks in the last week of May and the first week of July, its energies have been building for months and will indeed resonate through the rest of the year. But before getting lost in the "Age of Aquarius" feel of it - and there is no doubt it will bring some of the most significant of life experiences to many - it is also like opening Pandora's Box.

I've found myself becoming a little swept up in the excitement of this, and for valid reasons. On the simplest of levels this connects up, in the most powerful way, the energies of grace, of the archetypal healer and of the mystic in us. It has the potential then to take us to places we have never been, or have only caught glimpses of, in our spiritual journeys. The sheer potency of this energy system is such though, that this can also come with the experience of great vulnerability, an earthquake moving through our internal foundations and significant psychic fragmentation. So it can come with a strong, somewhat threatening edge, challenging the strength and flexibility of our deepest internal structures.

Whether this manifests as profound initiations that catapult us along spiritually or throw us over the edge depends on how much work we've done and how internally solid we are psychically. (People with a history of mental illness or who have borderline tendencies will need to take great care to look after themselves at this time, especially around psychic overexposure.)

The mechanisms behind this are complex and multidimensional. Chiron in our birthcharts represents places within ourselves that contain very deep levels of wounding, some of which we will know about, some of which is still unconscious. It shares with Neptune a great psychic openness in us as children, a hole in our auras through which the wounds of others are absorbed into our subtle bodies.

Neptune is another place where we are most sensitive emotionally, psychically and spiritually. It contains many of our most exquisite abilities but also takes us close to the chaos and power of the unconscious forces within and around us. Consequently, both are places that are painful, frightening, magical and exquisitely gifted. But if the former overwhelms the latter, the automatic response is to split off, anaesthetise and generally shut down on this sensitivity, in turn depriving us of the fullness of our gifts. We become numb, indifferent, and emotionally crippled because our connection to our souls, to our emotional truths and needs, is diminished.

Even when we've done a lot of spiritual work, especially ungrounded meditation and upper chakra practices, Pandora's Box often lies undisturbed. (Or peaked at and slammed shut!)

Then something like the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune comes along with the intent to reverse any damage to, or disconnection from, our sensitivity to the visionary, mystic, intuitive, to the magical, creative and imaginative child in us. This is cause for great celebration but it would be naive to expect a cruisy journey of light and love. In order to do so, it must flush out the psychic-emotional debris in the box in order to turn it into a clearer doorway to the archetypal worlds. From here the soul can speak to us, the highest truths can become available, our hearts can breathe more deeply, our psyches can flex and respond to any life challenge, to any great movement in the collective.

Similarly, Chiron in the mix awakens the healer, shaman and the spiritual warrior. But the journey is about all charkas - of healing body/spirit splits, and more about the descent into the primal animal than escaping into the disembodied spirit. Whatever the case, we can expect major movement on all these levels, accompanied by unusual emotional states and some radical movements through our chakra systems that can temporarily throw us around but are ultimately driven by a deep urge to heal and to claim the healer!

The presence of Jupiter reinforces that there is much grace behind it as well, obviously benevolent forces of support and protection that encourage us to go for it, to open up, to make the most of this exceptional opportunity. Jupiter and Neptune together does open up the transcendent in us, while Chiron provides the sharper shamanic, initiatory edge, connecting to the earth while we reach for the sky. (One of my clients is going to Uluru for the peak, a perfect place to honour and open to the moment!)

The level of Shakti or spiritual power will be very high, so keep up your practices to facilitate the flushing and the openings. What we know for sure is that whatever spiritual, healing and therapeutic practices we're involved in will bear tremendous fruit at this time, as it will give us access to previously unreachable places within.

Make sure you put yourself in the best places to receive, as we are offered this opportunity to become more intimate with our very souls.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.

He is willing to answer questions of a general nature, so please send to deputyeditor@novamagazine.com.au and his response will appear on our website at novamagazine.com.au