A New Radiant You - by Cheryl Morris

In thinking about this month's topic, I tried to recall instances when people told me I was radiant. A few examples came readily to mind - when I was pregnant, when I fell in love, my wedding day; when I arrived back from a fabulous overseas holiday; when I completed a life changing personal development course, when I'd received a great promotion, and when I'd been extremely fit and healthy. I quickly realised, though, that people don't tell me that every day, and nor do I see many people I could pay that compliment to. People in general, just don't look radiant. So I got to thinking about what ingredients are necessary to being radiant every day....

A is for Attitude. Clearly to be radiant, you need to have the 'right' attitude. You need to be positive, not negative. You need a sunny disposition, not a sullen one. You need to be at peace with yourself, and the world, not angry at it. Sometimes these things are easier said than done. So, to check out the basic attitudes you project to others, ask friends and colleagues how they think of you or how they would describe you to someone else. Sometimes, who we think we are and the person who others 'get', are two different beings.

Then, if you are not the person you would like to be, get to work. Shift your attitudes. Do the personal inner work you need to do to enable you to become the person you would like to be and the person you would like to give to others. If you have issues that always seem to recur or have some deep private issues that need handling, seek the right professional help and handle them once and for all. Remember, your attitude, above all else, determines whether you are radiant or not.

B is for Beauty. The world is a beautiful place, full of natural wonder. Make sure you see it and are present to it. Don't walk around 'in your head' all day. Get out in it. Take a walk in the park, go to the beach, get out in your garden. Go to the zoo, watch kids playing, live with a pet.

And be beautiful. Now, I don't mean go out and get a 'makeover' or a wardrobe full of the latest fashions. But I do mean, dress with care, wear fabrics and clothes that are beautiful to you and project and present the person you hold yourself to be. Be conscious with yourself and your body. Remember some people can look radiant and fabulous in a hessian sack, while others can look and feel decidedly ugly in even the most fabulous gear.

Look after your body. Nurture it, feed it, and exercise it with love and care. Treat it well and it will serve you for many, many years. Your body is a beautiful and wondrous creation.

Finally, surround yourself with beauty. Decorate your surroundings and your home and place of work in a way that makes you feel good, with things that are beautiful to you. Your child's artwork from preschool or plants and flowers make any place more beautiful.

C is for Currency. Be current in your life. You can't be radiant when your life is stressed with unfulfilled obligations, and you are bogged down with things you never get round to handling.

Get your life conscious in all areas - health, family, work, home, finances, personal. Then get current. List all the things outstanding, then set to and do them, one by one. Keep promises. Complete all outstanding issues. Clean your house, car and environment. Balance your finances.

Remember, currency is life-giving and energising...essential ingredients for radiance.

D is for Discipline. Once you get current, you need to stay that way. You need to be disciplined. Get yourself a diary and use it! Treat yourself and family as important as work obligations. Diarise appropriate times for them and keep those times faithfully. Consider a life coach if you find it difficult to manage yourself in an ongoing way, or you have a big goal/issue to handle. Self knowledge and personal responsibility are the keys to self discipline. Be them.

E is for Ecstasy. Have ecstasy in your life. (Not the illegal drug, silly, but real ecstatic experiences). Nurture your spirit. Love, compassion, caring, sex, touch, worship, music and experiencing nature are some of the ways to experience ecstasy. You can have ecstatic experiences alone and with others. Get some both ways, often. Remember that you can't experience ecstasy if you don't take enough time to experience these opportunities fully, or if you are 'not present'.

F is for Fun. We all know how to have fun, but some of us don't make the time for it. Others of us are so uptight and serious about life we find it difficult to relax and let go. Smiling and laughing are signals that you are having fun! Relearn how to play and get fun back into your life.

Do these things and the next time you look in the mirror, a truly radiant you will be looking back. You will enjoy life more, live life to the full and be an inspiration to others!