22.06.2014 Astrology

A Mixed Bag

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu
This month's chart has a lot more lift in it than these last two very intense months.  This is partly due to the Sun in Gemini having a variety of positive aspects, with its ruling planet Mercury also well placed.  The Grand Cross that has ruled the skies for the last month is now shifting into a T-Square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  Although still very intense, it has less of a feeling of being in-between a rock and a hard place.  While the month is essentially Geminian in character, we have additional positive and supportive energy available from Cancer via the planets Mercury, Moon and Jupiter. 

The Sun is conjunct Hygeia, the healing kundalini goddess, highlighting an abundance of healing Shakti or power available in the collective.  It's great to have the Hygeia archetype working well when there are other, more intense and deeper transformative processes occurring as she has the innate capacity to be able to transform and heal the very darkest, deepest places within ourselves.  Sun conjunct Hygeia in Gemini is also great for moving energy through the mediums of thought, intention-creating, writing, mantra, invocation and affirmation, as well as physical movement and dance.

The Sun is also in very good aspect to Mars in Libra.  Mars, after being retrograde for months, has finally turned around and gone into forward motion.  Mars is the action arm of the Sun in many ways and the Sun trine Mars is a great energy for getting things done.  He still has his sharpness due to hard connections with Pluto and Uranus, so it won't all be smooth sailing, but now the energy has more movement. 

Additionally, the Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries.  This, in combination with the Mars aspect, supports the more confident expression of our uniqueness and individuality.  We have the chance to be more direct, playful and innovative in the world, to stretch beyond our comfort zones and flex some newfound freedom in the world. 

The Sun is generally well aspected, but there is one particularly tricky aspect - a square to Neptune in Pisces.  This suggests that the actions of the rational mind and the Geminian tendency to skate over the surface of things, meets the desires of Neptunian energy to open us up, psychically and spiritually.  We can think of this as an interchange between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, with Neptune being more right brain.

Energetically, the Sun square Neptune can be very slippery, confusing and hard to understand and can feel like a fog descending on the brain and the body.  However, within the fog processes are at work rewiring and dissolving old mental structures, defences and excessive rationalisations. This allows our conscious brain to be more available to the intuitive, mystical and subtler dimensions of knowledge and awareness.

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter and both are at home in Cancer, which provides a lot of benevolent, maternal energy at the beginning of the month.  This is good for connecting with one's feelings, for improving our capacity to nurture, support and nourish ourselves on both the physical and subtler levels.  Generally speaking, this is an emotionally opening combination of energies and a particularly good time for expressing and releasing all different forms of emotions. And, as we'll see below, it will be much needed. 

The Moon also has tough aspects to Pluto via an opposition and a square to Uranus. So alongside the emotional generosity and exuberance of Moon/Jupiter, there is the promise of deeper and more radical emotional times.  Moon opposite Pluto suggests deep processes of emotional transformation, in particular around our relationships with our mothers, with the maternal and the feminine within ourselves, invoking early childhood experiences and memories that we still carry of this time. 

Moon squaring Uranus is a transit associated with often dramatic and unexpected emotional outbursts, or sudden releases of built up energy.  These outbursts are often to do with prior sublimation of individual urges towards freedom.  While the Moon is potentially explosive this month, this is modified by its very positive conjunction with Jupiter in its own sign. 

Venus in early Taurus also has significant aspects, including sextiles to Mercury and Neptune that enhance the lovely earthy sensual qualities of Aphrodite and the Bull.

Venus is also in a square to the Black Moon, suggesting that, on the relationship front, it is one of those periods of good quality communication, for gentle heartfelt openings (including psychically and spiritually) around our capacity to give and receive love.  This opening up can also draw up (and force us to face) buried aspects of the darker feminine shadow, which can sabotage quality relationships and need transforming, processes equally and paradoxically supported by the Black Moon.

Jupiter is trining Saturn in Scorpio, on a bigger scale a great transit as it balances out the expansive qualities of Jove with the consolidating, disciplined and focused energies of Saturn.  It is a particularly good transit for going out into the world using the manifesting capacities of Saturn, while combining it with our visions, goals and desires. This is welcome relief after the hard Saturn aspects of last month.

So it is a very mixed bag this month, still intense but with a combination of uplift and depth, underscored by the core healing energy and benevolence of the Sun/Hygeia and Moon/Jupiter conjunctions.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 33rd year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au