A Juggling Act

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This month we get another hard-edged dose of the massive collective transit for deep and radical change, the Uranus/Pluto square, with the Sun in Aries conjunct the former and squaring the latter. It appears that we are in the midst of another redirection or turning point in the way this urge for change gets directed, and it's probably going to get a bit swampy as things turn around, yet again.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus, there's a lot to like about it, if you're okay with instigating change in your life. This is a highly independent, individualistic, brilliant and unstable combination in a sign that loves to initiate new life adventures and is very fiery and courageous in taking risky leaps in faith. Uranus supercharges this part of Aries, so it's better to be in the driver's seat than taken hostage in the back seat.

Unfortunately, if you are wedded to an inflexible status quo, this is going to be a very stressful month and year for you, as basically everybody on the planet is under the stresses of enforced changes of various types. To resist the urges of Uranus is to essentially magnetise change through the actions of others and in the outside world and puts your whole nervous system under great strain, as the internal voltage heads towards critical levels.

Whatever your position of this change/resist spectrum though, it's going to be tough, as Uranus/Sun squaring Pluto means the Uranian urge towards liberating release from the old will meet up with big powers, within and without, intent on maintaining control at all costs. These kinds of responses are to be expected and in many ways are natural; no one likes being faced with changes that require the death of the old, some kind of internal psychic death that precedes a rebirth. While Uranian change can be incredibly exciting and liberating, Plutonian change tends to be more gut-wrenching in its harder forms.

As generations of mystics have said "Let what comes, come and let what goes, go! And focus on what remains………."

On a day to day level though, Uranus often means a fair degree of chaos, like lots of gremlins, in the air. There is a counterpoint to this though, in the form of the asteroid Vesta, also conjunct the Aries Sun. Vesta is the closest astrological symbol to the archetype of the Priestess, who specialises in the containment and concentration of power and energy and, in a different way, is also a great support for the individualism of Aries, by protecting the sacred flame of the self.

So this is quite a contradictory situation, a juggling of going with change, even radical change, while holding one's centre. Vesta reduces the tendency to get scattered by too many challenges and supports us to stay in our bodies - not easily done when Uranus is about. She also gives the sky god in us more focus, effectiveness and grounding. He, in turn, is radicalising the priestess, opening her up to new ways of wielding magic and power, and supporting the letting go of old defensiveness and spiritual/ritual orthodoxies.

Whenever Aries is a player, his ruler Mars is always going to be influential. It's a strange time for the warrior, with an unusually long time retrograde in Virgo, stretched between the sensitivities of Psyche and the refinement of Eros. The good news is that he's going forward motion on the 14th; the not-so-good news is that he's in opposition to Neptune in the turning. Mars/Neptune oppositions are like trying to box with a bean bag or wrestle a waterbed - it's hard to make an impact or get some traction and just when you think you're onto something, it slips away.

As frustrating at this can be, there's a lot more to it though, psychologically and spiritually. This can be a time of flushing old residues to do with anger, assertiveness, sexuality and unexpressed physicality. This stuff will often leak out psychically, leading to murky situations with others and comes with warnings about watching out for seductions, avoiding important negotiations and not making hard and fast life decisions. This applies particularly to the middle weeks of the month. Once we get out of this swamp though, Mars will be freer and we'll have a better time of being effective in the world.

It's also a good time for working the balances between the warrior and the intuitive, assertion and yielding, compassion and setting boundaries, between action and stillness. It's is all part of refining the way we go into the world with better links between masculine drive and desire with our spirituality and sensitivity.

The Mars process directly and indirectly effects Venus' expression and this month she's squaring her partner, a traditionally conflictual arrangement, partly because Virgo and Gemini are so different in their ways. She will also go through her own nebulous Neptunian passage in the first week of the month, not an easy time for clarity in their relationships or ours, at least initially. But in the same way as Mars, this will lead to greater clarity and heart awareness as a consequence of the same psychic clearing.

As the dross clears, our hearts will be freer and more available to fuller openings.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc, Dip Ed)is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 31st year of private practice.