22.09.2014 Astrology

A Grounded Blend

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

While many of the big and somewhat dramatic aspects from last month continue into September, the deeper tone of the month is a more grounded and fluid mix of earth and water.

The Sun in Virgo is the base of a near grand sextile involving sextiles to the Juno/Hygeia conjunction in Cancer, the Hekate/Ceres/Vesta conjunction in Scorpio and trines to Pluto in Capricorn and Diana in Taurus, bisected initially by an opposition to Neptune, then later to Chiron in Pisces.

The Sun then offers a stabilising, grounding pivot for the healing processes and potentials around marriage and commitment with the Juno/Hygeia and the goddess alchemy of the Witch Queen, Earth Mother and Priestess, all the while empowered by the transformative and deep earth god Pluto and positively energising the wild and protective Diana.

The grand sextile is a unifying arrangement, linking the energy and processes of each point to each other. If you imagine electricity or Shakti moving around its edges, you see its holistic quality.

It is not without challenges, though, as each point also receives an opposition from its opposite. The Virgo Sun opposite Neptune attempts to link the practical capabilities of the sign with the ethereal, fluid, sensitising and dissolving energies of Neptune in its watery home turf. The flux created by the latter can create much confusion, uncertainty and anxiety. But as we are opened to heightened levels of psychic sensitivity it also offers significant releases of absorbed psychic-emotional dross on the way to greater spiritual and creative opportunities.

The ongoing debate on gay marriage, an outer expression of the Juno/Hygeia combination, will not be helped by an opposition to Pluto, as such opposition often accompanies power struggles in relationships. In this case, the enormous healing potential can be thwarted by the control needs of a partner, a political group or a fearful part of self. However the pressure created can force a great change to happen anyhow!

There is an even bigger drama around relationships that draws Venus and Mars into the very same Saturn/Black Moon square that made last month's full moon on the 11/12th such a torrid and cathartic time. This time Venus is aligned with the latter in late Leo, while Mars continues his association with Saturn and Shiva in late Scorpio, making a Venus/Mars square, a relatively mild challenging aspect, take on biblical proportions as it gets enmeshed with the age old battles between the dark goddesses and the patriarch! (Or a very scary domestic between Kali and Shiva, where the survival of the planet gets threatened, at least mythologically. This would make for a brilliant psychodrama, in playback theatre or sacred theatre.)

Pulled apart, though, Venus with the Black Moon is a time of getting to the deeper truths of our relationships and/or capacity for love, with twin opportunities for going deeper along with the sober realisation of what needs to die or be surrendered in order to do so. This includes facing up to the fearful or enraged residues of past betrayals and losses within ourselves from our own history or absorbed from our family system.

Mars travelling with Shiva and Saturn is a powerful meeting of different layers of the masculine, for focused and sustained effort. The big questions here, though, are we going to act out of a limited, conditioned and defended expression of the masculine, that "bloody-minded, I'm going to push through whatever" kind of attitude or, am I going to dig deeper and act from a still, mature, wise and focused place that is not antagonistic towards the feminine.

These two processes are powerful enough and intensely significant for the evolution of each of us but, in a square arrangement, the likelihood for conflict is high, whether within or with significant others. However, Venus/Mars squares alone can generate great and creative passion if handled well, with consciousness and an authentic owning of one's projections and fears. Coupled with the bigger energies involved, the intensely meaningful alchemy of Saturn and the holding provided by the water/earth grand sextile, there is the potential for life-changing experiences and some extraordinary deep healing.

It's important to be kind in the face of such big and, at times, ruthless energies, towards one's self and to others.

As for Jupiter enjoying his rather riotous passage through Leo, he continues his love affair with Medusa, intent on resurrecting her beautifully loving and passionately tantric face from beneath the gorgon's mask. He also sextiles the warrior goddess Pallas Athena, another fierce and intelligent warrioress, adding grace and expansion to her capacity for focused action and intent - not dissimilar to her masculine counterpart Mars in Scorpio. If we can harness all this energy, we can certainly get a lot done this month, on many levels.

On a much subtler level, Jupiter opposes the lovely Psyche in Aquarius, opening up this ethereal goddess of the deepest and most exalted unconditional love to remind us of the possibility of relating to others on a soul to soul level. While this can simply be experienced as a heightening of excessive romanticism, she speaks of much deeper spiritual truths, so significant at a time when old relationship dynamics are being challenged and hopefully transformed.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 33rd year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.