A Force for Love

The wisdom of Kryon is eagerly sought by audiences around the world seeking answers in our troubled age. Story by Rosamund Burton.
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The wisdom of Kryon is eagerly sought by audiences around the world seeking answers in our troubled age. Story by Rosamund Burton.

Lee Carroll telephones me at 10pm one recent Sunday evening his time from Miami. He is there for a meeting in between speaking in Chile and Venezuela, he explains. "When I'm done I'll go home to South California where I belong."

Since 1989, Carroll has been channelling an entity called Kryon, whose rapidly expanding global appeal explains the demands on Carroll's personal time. As well as co-authoring two books on the phenomenon of Indigo children, he has written 11 Kryon books, which are printed worldwide in 23 different languages and channels to large groups of people all over the world.

With a business and economics degree and what he describes as "an engineering mind and brain", he admits he was dragged kicking and screaming to this work. Lee Carroll was an engineer and had his own successful technical audio business in San Diego. He was a churchgoing man, married with two sons and very happy with his life, but it seemed God had other plans.

He met a jazz singer named Jan Tober when she came into the studio to do some recording, and Carroll and she became friends. As a gift, Jan took him to see a channeller. Carroll admits he only went to humour her. Most of what the man said was total gibberish to him, but he did remember him revealing there was a magnetic master named Kryon who wanted to talk to him. Three years later, and again at Jan's request, he agreed to see a psychic. This man said, "There is an entity around you and he spells Kryon." Carroll realised that hearing this twice from two totally unrelated sources was beyond the realm of it being an accident: "It was so out of sync with probability I had to look into it."

Having received this startling information, Carroll asked God to show him that he really was meant to become a channel for an entity called Kryon. He received what he describes as a "love wash", a feeling he had only experienced once before in his life when, as a teenager, he had witnessed an incredible healing of a friend with rheumatoid arthritis, and felt an immense feeling of love.

Aged 48 and admitting to having up to this point channelled nothing more than his television set, he started to write down the messages he was receiving.

Within just two or three weeks, he had the writings which were the basis for the first Kryon book, "The End Times". He gave these writings to several metaphysicians to look at and then, once more at Jan's suggestion, he agreed to do a live channelling for a small group. He admits to being terrified at the prospect, but a stronger motivation was to determine whether this work was real or not. He describes hoping the channelled messages would not be regarded as significant, so he could then resume life as normal - but it was not to be. Those first people who came in contact with the teachings all realised their value.

Lee Carroll's Kryon work caused considerable disruption in his business.

"Several people left," he says, "thinking I was the devil." He describes frequently being greeted by silence when approaching what, just moments before, had been a chatty group of his work colleagues. He also lost from the company two very close friends whom he had known for almost 20 years, one of them godfather to his son. Both these men were devout Christians and felt that Carroll's role in channelling Kryon was at odds with their beliefs.

After 30 years committed to developing his successful engineering company, Carroll realised the inevitability of moving away from this focus. On three different occasions, he felt he was ready to leave and tried to do, but "each time," he explains, "I was stopped by Source, or by Kryon, who said 'Not yet'. And the reason I was stopped was because I was supposed to feel what it was like to be in a workplace where people would shun you because of your beliefs. So it was a real lesson about people's perceptions and I think it was very good for me, because now I teach and I speak to a lot of people who are going through this very thing."

Kryon's recurring theme, says Carroll, is that "Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe. It is the glue that will bond our belief together, instead of the doctrine that does it for other systems. Love is not being recognised for its power, and is not being used by us correctly."

When asked what he believes Kryon's most important message is at this time, Lee Carroll's reply is that things are shifting and to a degree beyond what people even think is possible. Inside each of us, he says, there is a creator, and that creator can bring about more peace and less drama in our lives.

I also ask him what Kryon has to say about 2012,the date in the Mayan calendar which predicts the end of the world as we know it. The prediction about 2012, he replies is good news. Having recently visited some Mayan temples near Mexico City and spoken to a Mayan scholar, Carroll explains that the Mayans' predictions came from their study of astronomy and the belief that the sun was showing them the vibratory rays of the earth. The vibration of the planet, according to Kryon, is going to be higher, which Carroll says, leads to thinking in a more enlightened state. "What that means is that those who want peace on earth are going to have a better chance."

Lee Carroll's work with Kryon has attracted the attention of a huge number of people including members of the United Nations. He has been asked to speak six times to a group called the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. This is a closed group and its meetings are attended only by its members and delegates. Many have attended each of the six occasions Lee Carroll has spoken. It was at one of these meetings that Kryon suggested it was time to have a Council of Indigenous Wisdom. The topic of UFOs has regularly been raised at these meetings, although this is not a subject on which Kryon often speaks. His message is that it is time for governments to reveal what they know in this area in order to disarm fear.

Kryon has also caught the attention of scientists. On one occasion, Carroll was invited to speak by two female physicists in Huntsville, Alabama, the location of the command centre for the US missile defence system.

"Just because they are physicists doesn't mean they are not esoteric or spiritual. I learnt that pretty quickly," says Carroll. "They were very interested in some of the physics that Kryon has given and continues to give."

One of Kryon's predictions in 1989 was the significant magnetic shift on the earth, which he said would be completed by 2002. Today, there is scientific proof that the magnetic grid has moved more in 10 years than in the previous 100. Another point which Kryon raised almost 20 years ago was that DNA has a magnetic field, and this has also recently been validated by science.

I'm particularly intrigued by what Kryon has had to say on the crucial issue of energy resources. He says there are two important and inexhaustible areas from which power for cities should be drawn - one is the unlimited heat directly below the feet of every human on earth, presumably geothermal energy, and the second is the incredibly consistent energy of the tidal actions on the coasts of every land mass. As the world searches for ways to produce clean energy, without depleting its resources, these are two immeasurably valuable pointers.

A point Lee Carroll stresses several times as we talk is that there is no organisation around Kryon, and no following. Kryon has specifically told him not to build a church, elicit followers, make the work evangelistic, build a large organisation around the work or channel on live broadcast, and he is careful to follow these directives.

When I ask about the future, Lee Carroll says it is about teaching people to stay in the now! On a personal level, he is preparing for a year of intensive travel including visits to Hungary, Latvia and the Ukraine. In early February, he will be in Melbourne for a two day seminar during which he will channel Kryon's wisdom on a wide range of topics. The beautiful music of Canadian pianist and composer, Robert Coxon will also be featured. Australia holds special significance in the worldwide phenomenon that Kryon has now become because, 12 years ago, it was Carroll's first overseas destination after beginning his channelling work.

As our conversation comes to an end, Lee Carroll offers a message for NOVA readers:

"There is a tendency, a big one, to be pessimistic. When you look at what is going on with the economy, and so many other things, it just looks like we are not doing well. But actually it is backwards, a puzzle, many of these things are seeming to fall apart because truly they are rebooting. They're being pruned. The integrity issues are what caused our current financial crisis. These integrity issues should have been taken care of a long time ago and finally they are. Nobody can get away with this again. Everybody's looking now. Conspiracies are starting to be broken, but it requires pruning. And when you prune anything, until it grows, it looks awful for a while, and then it comes back even better than it was. That's what we are also going through as a society of people who are frightened on this planet and don't care about one another. And things are actually getting better.

"You are going to see some things in the Middle East, Kryon says, in this next decade, the solution of problems which are unsolvable. If you go to Israel and ask them how they are going to solve these problems and they look at you and say nobody can solve this because it is just too complex, Kryon says, wait, you'll see. So these things are gradually getting better. We are heading for 2012, and I know I've been accused of being a Pollyanna channel. But if you look at the last 20 years we really have got better in many areas.

"But this one right now that we are going through, this financial thing, Kryon says is not going to last as long as you think. So here we are with a new paradigm in the way that we are going to solve this."