01.03.2018 Astrology

A challenging juggle

The emotional depths of Pisces meeting the fiery energies also present makes for a high-octane month, says Daniel Sowelu

This month is going to be a curious mix of water and fire! And the former is not just because it’s a Piscean month, but also because a much of the chart is wrapped around Neptune and Chiron, two energies that produce a great deal of psychic flux, both in the collective and within us.

The Pisces Sun is actually conjunct Neptune, which is a planet that opens us up psychically, spiritually and emotionally. And as most of us know, this kind of opening can be both very good and very difficult. On the positive side, it allows us to surrender into non rational states that are far more open to insight, creative vision and mystical union. But they also dramatically increase our general level of sensitivity making us more vulnerable, at times anxious and feeling less than emotionally stable.

Part of the difficulty here is that it makes us more responsive and reactive to negative environmental and interpersonal energies.

So it’s an important time to firm up psychic boundaries, so that we are neither leaking energy nor soaking it up from others.

It’s times like this that good quality meditation is even more valuable, as meditation allows us to be more open psychically and spiritually to the gifts of this period, as well as serving to flush out absorbed psychic emotional material.

To complicate the present situation, on the other side of the Sun sits the same collection of tantric Shakti goddesses who were so impactful in the eclipses of the last month: Parvati, the goddess of the sacred marriage, Kali, the fierce warrior goddess and Juno, the traditional Greco-Roman goddess of marriage, all three interweaving Hygeia, with the kundalini goddess of healing in late Aquarius.

Once again, relationships and sexuality are big issues for the month, along with how these parts of our lives interact with our inherent spirituality, represented by Neptune.

Ultimately, any Shakti goddess connecting with Neptune (who also resonates with some aspect of Shiva energy) is an exceptional opportunity for profound spiritual development, let alone having four of them bundled together! Part of this gift is that we can create more powerful connection between our lower and upper chakras, infusing both our spirituality and our sexuality with far greater psychospiritual juice.

Still in Pisces, Mercury and Venus are travelling together midway between Neptune and Chiron the Wounded Healer. Here is another combination that puts our rational minds and capacity for love in a similar state of psychic and emotional flux, with the same corresponding opportunities and challenges.

However, anything that goes near Chiron is up for some significant healing.

With Mercury, the planet of the mind, between the two, there can be some right brain openings as well as significant cross-hemisphere movement aimed at balancing the rational and non rational parts of our brains. Simply put, it supports us to have a greater conscious understanding of the fluid, intuitive and visual aspects of our minds.

Having Venus straddled between Neptune and Chiron can produce some of the most extraordinary heart openings within us, taking us beyond the personal into profound states of compassion and unconditional, all accepting love. As she lines up exactly with Chiron on the fifth, we can also expect some healing work around past relationship and heart wounds, whether from within ourselves or instigated by loved ones. Sometimes, this healing doesn’t come gift wrapped, but whatever happens ultimately helps to clear shadows off our hearts.

Venus and Mercury simultaneously sextile Pluto in Capricorn, while trining the benevolent Jupiter in Scorpio, meaning that whatever openings come about and whatever healings are instigated, they are profoundly supported by the transformative energies of Pluto and the expansive growth full grace of Jupiter. The Sun itself will do the same thing between the 9th and the 15, which should be some particularly good days for many of us.

Mercury and Venus do face challenges however, through a tough T-square with Mars in Sagittarius and Lilith directly opposite Mars in Gemini, the latter two being a particular standoff between self righteous male warrior and fierce feminine warrior energy. Culturally and mythologically, these two have unfortunate, combative history, the psychic consequences of which are also likely to surface at times like this as an opportunity to work with old forms of rage towards the opposite sex.

So within a general aura of positive healing and growthful energy around Mercury and Venus, there are also likely to be some significant - and tricky - issues between the more passive, watery energies of Pisces coming into conflict with fiery energy from both masculine and feminine. It’s a situation where you cannot simply avoid some form of conflict, nor can you go fully into the anger and rage without making a significant mess, especially in relationships.

Be discerning when you choose your battles!

There is also some creatively good fire energy available this month, most embodied by a Leo Moon in a flowing grand trine with the same Mars in Sagittarius and the wizard revolutionary Uranus in Aries. This is a high octane situation (that also incorporates the inherent fire of Lilith), so it is appropriate to have expressive outlets for passion and creative freedom. To not honour this fire in the face of so much water in the chart is to turn healthy, assertive, can-do energy into impotent steam.

So it seems that the month is about juggling the emotional depth and challenges in Pisces, while having hot practices to healthily release and express fire energy. If we get the mix right, we can be very creative in manifesting what is emotionally important for us.

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.