A Celestial Shake-up

Daniel Sowelu examines a turbulent and fruitful December.

Daniel Sowelu examines a turbulent and fruitful December.

By now we will have partially emerged from the psychic earthquake called the Saturn/Uranus opposition, with all the chaos it has produced - in big ways financially and less obvious ways in terms of inner structures. But don't hold your breath as its second exact instalment comes in late January and early February. It's just taking a breather before the next round of collective shockwaves and, in fact, will be joined by an even deeper tsunami in the form of Pluto entering Capricorn. More contractions in a very long birthing process, and as any woman who has given birth will know, it will push up lots of ancient material, some of it not pretty, to be expressed in the journey towards greater, eventual empowerment.

It appears that the general reaction to the Saturn/Uranus opposition will be split along gender lines, call it the Martian way versus the Venusian way. The month begins with a dynamic warrior combination of the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius, the blokey aspect of which will go at the current crises with action and reaction, assertiveness and, at times, reckless optimism, ready to fight the good battle. Great energy. Trouble is, it will hit the brick wall of Saturn and the radical voltage of Uranus all in the space of a few days in the middle of the month. This has "crash and burn" possibilities if too much ego and not enough awareness are involved - that classic frustration and explosion experience. So it is a time to be careful, as the collective tension will reach ignition point for some. Accidents, emotional explosions and even unexpected violence are common occurrences at such times.

More subtly, this same combination can draw on that aspect of Sagittarius that demands truth, can challenge orthodoxy and criticise the lazy, incompetent or downright corrupt among our leaders and elders. Clearly at times like these, we need voices that accurately and courageously articulate the inaccuracies in our belief systems, the lack of healthy limits and cut through the denial, whether in the world or in ourselves.

Sag is such a great advocate of the truth when it's on target and has the intelligence to deal with the multileveled problems we are now facing. Either way though, we can expect significant frustration on many levels during the middle weeks, as well as some cathartic and/or incendiary experiences.

The Venusian way is less strident and obviously more feminine and flowing, not just because of her essential leaning towards ease and harmony, but because of a magnificent conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, both energetically and visually. (In the night sky, these brightest "stars" will provide us with a visual treat as they join exactly on the 2nd.)

In turn, the two form lovely trines and sextiles to Saturn and Uranus, something that will soften the hard tension between the latter two as well as between them and the Sag warriors. Whatever strife comes with the grand restructuring afoot, this brings a lot of grace, the desire for harmony, and for honouring the common connectedness of us all as we face these collective challenges.

Venus and Jupiter together makes for a huge heart opening event, enlarging our capacity to give and receive and bringing much positive growth into our relating, our relationships, our appreciation of others, our ability to bond. It seeks to elevate love, beauty and creativity into higher, more expanded and expressive places.

Traditionally, its benevolence can also express as unexpected financial and material windfalls (Kevin Rudd couldn't have picked a better time to bestow the government's largesse upon us, call it a financial stimulant, gift, handout or bribe). Overall it's a fabulous lineup. Its only real difficulty is excess, too much of just about anything enjoyable - food, sex, booze, partying - can make it wasteful and unappreciated. In some, it even exaggerates greed and financial risk taking, something we don't need in the current financial climate. But you can't help some people wanting to let off steam at such tough times. Jupiter has a way of ensuring that you don't suffer too much from inappropriate behaviour, even when you stuff up!

Pluto won't be as tolerant and indulgent towards us though. His entry into Capricorn means that the great powers of death, transformation and rebirth will be focusing on all the major structures in our society, our civilisation even, over the next 15 years.

Whereas the Saturn/Uranus is the earthquake, with its upheavals and cracking open, Pluto is the power behind the movement of the tectonic plates of our inner and outer worlds, the white-hot core driver of a long-term process. (Yes, I know, earthquakes are traditionally associated with Neptune, but I've never been too convinced about the connection. Call it creative license!) So we are entering a new era after 14 years of Pluto working on our belief systems, our use of knowledge and education, of the nature of individual countries and international law, our truths as well as our dogmas. Pray that we've managed to learn enough of what is real and true because now Pluto will demand action and manifestation, with enormous consequences if we don't.

Whenever we fail to heed the call for true transformation, his energy is forced toward the destructive end of the scale. Scary stuff, but the creative possibilities are equally enormous. It looks like 2009 will be a major year in these processes.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc,DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.