A Business Edge

In a challenging business climate, some simple Feng Shui options can make a real difference, says Juliana Abram

In a challenging business climate, some simple Feng Shui options can make a real difference, says Juliana Abram

While it is clear that not everyone is destined to own and run a business and certainly there are a lot of budding entrepreneurs entering the world of business today. Effort, energy, attitude, skill and knowledge are all factors that govern, at least to some degree, your ability to own and run an efficient and highly profitable business. Being impervious to today's constant round of Doom and Gloom stories is also an important component to attaining success in your endeavours. And, of course, another factor that can impact on your degree of business success is Feng Shui.

Embracing Feng Shui as a businessperson, does not equate to you having lost your mind - in fact, quite the opposite - you are indeed covering all your bases and capitalising on all your options. Every year, many large, international, public listed companies use the services of highly qualified Feng Shui practitioners to give them an edge on their competitors.

Feng Shui is the force that is said to be able to influence your destiny. It is able to modify the standard and degree of your success. And there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence from many satisfied customers around the world that suggests Feng Shui can assist in enhancing gains or reducing losses in business.

There are two types of Feng Shui environments. The first is the physical, commonly known as Form School or even Landscape School, which refers to the actual visible surroundings. Examples of this are: the external environment such as the general landscape, mountains, rivers, roads, other buildings, the internal design and layout of the building, and the position of our doors, windows, desk, chair and settee. Each one is considered to bestow some Feng Shui influence in your life.

To this end, there are certain "shapes" that can reduce prosperity and especially if you are searching for new premises then you would do well to keep them in mind.

Sharp pointed objects or sharp edges facing a building are considered a physical "sha". A curved blade, a road, a river, a flyover with the curved edge facing your building is also considered bad Feng Shui. This is usually explained as the blade of a sword cutting through the building. But the truth is that it is considered to be inauspicious because the flow or movement of energy is turning away from you, thereby influencing your potential prosperity in a negative manner. Indeed, the reverse configuration - when the curve of a road, a river or any of the above is embracing your building - it is considered beneficial and as a result, it is often called the "jade belt".

Also as a part of the Form School principles, there are some guidelines for placement of furniture. What is particularly important in an office environment is the placement of desks. So after determining the entrance to the offices, the next step is to place the working desk in the best possible location.

The natural position for placing the desk should be at the corner of the diagonal line from the entrance, so that you can face and see the entrance and have a solid wall behind you. To enhance the symbol of power, one side of the desk should lean against a solid wall.

Sitting on a straight line towards the entrance, or with your back against the entrance, is not recommended.

It is not advised to place the desk in the middle of the room without leaning against any wall. This promotes a sense of floating and thereby a level of insecurity.

The second type of Feng Shui environment is more abstract and so subject to much speculation. Nonetheless, this influence is derived from the invisible, directional forces and has an impact on your life based on your building's exact degree of orientation and the factor of time. And let's face it, if we think logically, absolutely everything changes with time and so you cannot ignore this very important aspect.

So what are these invisible directional forces? Some of us say they are magnetic waves, others suggest they are cosmic rays or celestial energies, and there are other theories. It really doesn't matter how you or I translate this more abstract quality - most of us agree there is "something else" that influences our lives. The Ancients of China, though, seem to have discovered a pattern to trace the indiscernible influences so that we can predict their movement and, just as importantly, they developed theories enabling us to fully make use of these enigmatic forces. These techniques have indeed emerged from a lengthy and committed study of nature, thereby providing a solid foundation of Chinese metaphysical views about the universe and nature.

With respect to the invisible Feng Shui influences during 2009, there are some adjustments you can make that will be valuable, at least to some degree, through the course of the year. These modifications can also be placed in the correct sectors of your home, as well as your business, during the coming year.

You will find a troublesome influence coming from the North bringing with it difficulties and obstacles. If this part of your business is very active such as the front, back or side entrance, a passage, the reception area, boardroom or even the director's office, then this energy needs to be dealt with by placing an all-metal wind chime or metal prayer bell in this area, particularly in the month of July. Now, this is not always easy to achieve for a variety of reasons, so, at the very least, place a metal object such as a "five element pagoda" in the appropriate position.

The West resonates with the force of sickness during 2009. So you will require a string of six metal coins to be placed in this area, and this is particularly important if a major thoroughfare is located in that area of your business premises.

An energy of arguments is located in the Northeast and so it could be valuable to place a red object or the more traditional option of red paper in this area to help minimise this influence. Remember to ensure that it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Another destructive influence is arriving from the East. Hence, it is best to place three or four bamboo stems (only those that grow in water) in a clear glass vase within this sector.

Finally, do not sit with your back against due Northeast, especially while you are working. It is also advisable to avoid carrying out any large scale construction work in the Northeast for the coming year, as this is the location of the "Grand Duke". Should your business face Northeast, then face a Dragon Tortoise towards this direction as a symbolic defence against this negative influence.

In this particular economic climate, embracing and using all that you have at your disposal to your best advantage is critical. Hopefully, you are able to work with a few of these simple options to create some positive outcomes for your own and your business's prosperity.