31.03.2016 Travel

Ancient Pathways

Miranda Munro senses a call across the centuries as she travels into the heart of the ancient Mayan civilisation

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07.02.2016 Relationships

Love's Mirror

Love is what allows us to see ourselves in others - and delight in what we see. Miranda Munro shares her thoughts

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01.01.2016 Environment

Plastic Paradise

Miranda Munro meets an inspirational environmentalist who has built an island of discarded plastic bottles

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01.11.2015 Consciousness

Waves of Energy

Miranda Monro shares her personal awareness that we are all interconnected in a 'sea of pure consciousness'.

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01.10.2015 Sound Therapy

Healing Vibrations

Toodyay sound healer Miranda Munro shares insights into a delicious 'feel good' therapy

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