22.11.2013 Buddhism

21st Century Buddhism

Festival theme of universal responsibility inspired by Dalai Lama's recent Australian visit

Influenced by the recent tour of Australia by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 21st Century Buddhism has been chosen as the theme of the 2013 Buddhist Spring Festival, to be held on November 9-10. Held at the Tibetan Buddhist Society's Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre in Yuroke Victoria, this year's event recognises that each religious and philosophical tradition contributes to the global culture of the 21st century.

Tibetan Buddhist Society Director, Anthony Joseph, will be a main speaker at the Ceremony for World Peace at 12 noon on Saturday November 9. Anthony says the theme highlights the importance of universal responsibility which is relevant for all human beings, whatever our religious or philosophical heritage.

"Our common human values of compassion, love, patience and wisdom are even more important than they have ever been before as our world becomes increasingly interconnected in the 21st century. Each religious and philosophical tradition contributes to the global culture of this century and that ancient wisdom can assist with modern problems," he says.

Everyone is welcome to join the Ceremony for World Peace held in the Society's magnificent traditional Tibetan temple. Led by Buddhist monks and nuns, the ceremony brings together different religious traditions, community groups and local, state and federal government representatives to join as a community and pray for universal harmony.

Over the two days teachers from various forms of Buddhism, such as Tibetan, Vietnamese and Japanese, will introduce methods to develop lasting states of happiness. Using meditation and mindfulness techniques, qualities such as compassion, love, concentration, generosity, enthusiasm, patience and wisdom can be developed and limiting states of mind such as anger, jealousy, attachment and pride reduced.

The Festival also features a cosmopolitan market with wares from around the world including Tibetan and local handicrafts, Indian shawls, jewellery, Tibetan and Nepalese blankets, the Enjoyment Shop which stocks a wide range of organic foods and beautiful giftware, garden tours with explanations of the many rose varieties and the art of companion planting and organic cultivation, temple tours explaining the significance of the religious and artistic treasures such as the 18-foot statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, delicious vegetarian food, a children's craft activity and story/meditation session each day and photographic exhibition showing the Tibetan culture in pre-1959 Tibet and exiled Tibetan communities in India.

Entry $5. Family rate $10 for parents and school age children or younger. There is a facility charge for talks. Temple tours are $5. Photo exhibition and garden tours are free. All proceeds support the temple. The Tibetan Buddhist Society's Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre is 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, 1425 Mickleham Rd, Yuroke, Melways 385 J8 (Access from Cookes Rd). For more information please call (03) 9333 1770 or visit www.tibetanbuddhistsociety.org