02.03.2017 Natural Health

Stay Safe with BPA

As regulatory authorities are so far behind the science, it’s up to us as consumers to make informed choices with BPA, says Peter Dingle PhD

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02.02.2017 Natural Health

Avoiding Parabens

Peter Dingle PhD finds that despite our best efforts in reading labels, parabens still sneak under the radar – with significant health risks.

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31.12.2016 Natural Health

Probiotics and the Brain

Peter Dingle PhD researches the fascinating link between the health of our gut and brain

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01.12.2016 Natural Health

Everyday Estrogens

Peter Dingle PhD examines how a vast number of synthetic chemicals mimic estrogen in the body, often with serious side effects

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31.10.2016 Natural Health

A Daily Dose of Vinegar

Different cultures swear by the health benefits of vinegar with balsamic and apple cider probably the most popular varieties. As Peter Dingle PhD finds, their enthusiasm is justified.

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​Toxic Beauty

Peter Dingle PhD exposes the danger of chemicals that lurk unknown to us in the beauty products we use daily

30.09.2016 Natural Health

Green spaces boost health

In an increasingly urbanised world, planning greener environments around us is more important than ever, reports Peter Dingle PhD

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01.09.2015 Holistic Health

Stand Up for Exercise

Peter Dingle PhD suggests that while exercise for weight loss is overrated, there are so many other benefits there is just no downside to getting moving

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