29.01.2016 Energy Healing

Homegrown Sacred Healer

Jeremy Ball experiences the transformative power of a healer who has triumphed over adversity

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01.01.2016 Connections

Make a Difference in 2016

In this New Year, Jeremy Ball urges us to apply ourselves to something we care deeply about that benefits the whole community

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01.11.2015 Energy Healing

From Russia With Love

Jeremy Ball finds an encounter with Russian healing techniques deeply transforming

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01.09.2015 Our Earth

A Sporting Chance

In our sports mad country we could work wonders if we applied the same passion to the environment, suggests Jeremy Ball

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01.08.2015 Spirituality

Dear Dalai Lama

Jeremy Ball reflects on the Dalai Lama's influence on individuals and the wider world as he celebrates his 80th birthday

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01.10.2015 Community

Evolution of Consciousness

Jeremy Ball sees great hope in our global response to the Syrian refugee crisis

01.07.2015 Community

Paying Back Nepal

Jeremy Ball urges our ongoing support for a country that offered him rare kindness

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01.04.2015 Community

The Tragedy of West Papua

Jeremy Ball alerts us to a tragedy occurring in the land of one of our closest neighbours

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