Holy Holy


(Wonderlick); Pop

By ​Phil ​Bennett

When Brisbane/Melbourne duo, Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson, expanded their lineup for their second album, it signalled an expansion of their sonic palette which is immediately apparent once the needle hits the groove.

Where their debut was focussed around the act as duo, with only slight extra instrumentation added for depth, Paint is a multi-coloured canvas, a dense amalgam of sonic textures and chunky beats to fill the space between the sounds.

And the songs themselves are at times quite stunning, all soaring vocals, staggering melodies and instant ear friendliness.

Elevator is a glorious swirling trip which hits you right between the eyes with its instantly captivating guitar riff and goes on to take no prisoners as verses unfold into a sweeping, ethereal chorus.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shadow, is a gloriously maudlin piece of power pop, with its softly swaying rhythm and quietly shifting chord changes.

In between, True Lovers sounds like you’ve just tuned into MTV in 1983 with its string deadened guitar riff and driving drums, while Send My Regards is full of intrigue and a strange tension that doesn’t quite resolve, leaving you with a question mark rather than a full stop.

Holy Holy have yet to really hit the mark but with Paint they are well on target.

Infectious and interesting.

​Phil ​Bennett

Musician, actor, singer, music reviewer, Phil’s interests cover a lot of bases and this is reflected in the music he writes about. From blues to soul, ambient to electronic, Phil writes about artists he feels are interesting, true to their craft and worthy of your ears.