Shortcrust pastry

Can be Wheat Free if using Spelt

Recipe to line 1 x 24 – 26cm x 2.5 - 3.5cm tart tin:
1 ½ times the recipe for a 24cm pie - that is top and bottom.
Double recipe for 26cm pie

You can use 100% wholemeal or 100%white flours, but I often go for a mix of the two, and find it gives a beautifully textured pastry. If using an All Purpose or Generic Wheat flour increase the butter by 10gm .You can also use 50% lard (leaf lard is best) or suet, and 50% butter for exceptional flake.

1 cup/ 130gm gm white spelt flour
1 cup/ 145 gm wholemeal spelt flour
Pinch fine sea salt
150 - 180gm unsalted cold butter, cut into small chunks
90 (4.5 tablespoon) – 170 ml (8.5 – 9 tablespoon) ice cold water

Add the dry ingredients to the bowl

By Hand:
Use your fingertips and thumb to rub the butter with the flour. When ready, chunks and chips of butter should range from small breadcrumbs, to small lentils, to a small navy bean.

Using a Food Processor:
If using a food processor, pulse once or twice, or until ready and turn out into a bowl. You are better to pulse as this throws the pastry up, and then drops it, aerating and cooling it. Don’t be tempted to add the water to the food processor it is too easy to overwork the pastry, but rather turn it out into a bowl.

Add the Water - Hydrate the Dough
Using a bread and butter knife, begin to mix a small amount of cold water into the flour and butter cutting and mixing it in with the knife. Only use as much water as you need, with an average of 100ml for spelt. Once all the mix looks moist, bring it together into a ball, do not knead or play with it. Flatten the ball, wrap and chill long enough to take the softness of the butter at least 1 hour, or overnight. The dough can be frozen at this point also.