Cherry Choc Slice

Cherry Choc Slice

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  • BASE: 10 x Medjool dates, pitted and soaked for 4 hours
  • ¼ cup flax seeds
  • ¼ cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 tbs maca powder
  • 2 tbs cacao powder
  • ¼ tsp vanilla bean powder
  • FILLING: 1 cup Coconut Magic desiccated coconut
  • ¾ cup Coconut Magic coconut oil
  • 1½ cups frozen cherries
  • 1 tbs Coconut Magic coconut nectar
  • CHOCOLATE TOPPING: ½ cup cacao powder
  • ½ cup Coconut Magic coconut oil, melted
  • ¼ cup Coconut Magic coconut nectar
  • Pinch vanilla bean powder
  • Pinch of pink salt


  1. BASE:

    Blend all ingredients in a food processor until it forms a ball.

  2. Press the mixture into a pan lined with baking paper and refrigerate.


    Process all ingredients until well combined. This forms the second layer of the slice – press this on top of the base. Return slice to fridge.


    Blend all ingredients. This makes the third layer of the slice.

  5. Return slice to fridge or freezer for a few minutes before slicing into narrow pieces.

  6. Serves 10 –12 slices + prep: 30 min. cooling: 10 –15 min. soaking: 4 hr.

Jenni Madison

Jenni Madison discovered the benefits of coconut oil while living in Thailand in 2009. She is the founder of Coconut Magic and author of The Healthy Coconut .