Almond and rose ice "cream"

A lovely "ice cream" for those who can't tolerate a traditional vanilla, cream and whole milk ice cream.

Dairy free/gluten free: Makes 2 cups.

1 cup almonds 1 tablespoon arrowroot or kudzu 1-2 tablespoons agave nectar (or raw sugar, stevia - amounts will differ) 1-2 teaspoons rose water 1 vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon vanilla paste

Put the almonds and 2 1/4 cups water in a blender and combine well. Peg four layers of muslin onto a jug or bowl and strain through the mixture. Measure out 2 cups of almond milk with another 2 tablespoons set aside.

Place the arrowroot into a saucepan and mix a thin paste with a little almond milk. When smooth add the remaining milk. If using a vanilla bean, cut the bean and scrape out the seeds with a knife, then add this to the almond milk mix. Place over a medium heat and bring to the boil, stirring constantly. The mixture should bubble, and as soon as this happens take off the heat.

Add the agave nectar (or stevia) at this point and check for taste. It will need to be slightly sweeter than you would normally like, as this sweetness will diminish somewhat when frozen. If using raw sugar, add this when you are cooking the almond milk and arrowroot. If using vanilla paste, add this now. Add the rose water as desired.

Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker, and churn until ready. To make a sorbet without an ice cream maker, pour into a shallow dish and place in freezer. Stir the freezing mix (to break up the ice crystals) approx once every 30 mins. When frozen, remove from the freezer, break up into chunks and blend in a food processor until smooth. It will become creamier as it melts a little. Place into a container and return to the freezer. Remove from the freezer to the fridge for approx 15 mins to soften a little before serving.