2016 Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Get snapping with your smartphone next week (October 17-23) to help in our annual bird census

Australians across the country are being asked to venture into their backyards, parks and open spaces armed with their smartphones to snap any feathered creatures they see.

It's all in a good cause to help build up an accurate picture of bird numbers and health - and of course it's called The Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count. The novel approach is part of National Bird Week from October 17 to 23.

The City of Sydney is taking a lead in urging local residents to help increase knowledge of birdlife trends across Australia.

“This year we’ve teamed up with Birdlife Australia as part of a nationwide effort to understand trends for bird numbers and movements across the country," said Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“Sydney is home to a wide variety of birds from the popular rainbow lorikeets and noisy miners to more uncommon species such as the superb fairy wren, spotted pardalote and the New Holland honeyeater.

“The City’s Urban Ecology Strategic Action Plan has been in place since 2014 to help increase the numbers of birds like the superb fairy wren, which were once a common sight across the inner city suburbs.

“The Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count will help us learn where our efforts have been most successful and areas where we can encourage more of our feathered friends.”

Those interested in taking part in the Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count can download the Aussie Bird Count app or enter their results via the Submit a Count tab at aussiebirdcount.org.au.

The user-friendly app features pictures of birds native to the area, making it easy for novice birdwatchers to identify their sightings. Visitors to the website can see live statistics on the number of people taking part and the number of birds and species counted in your neighbourhood and the whole of Australia.

The City will also be holding three workshops throughout Bird Week: