Neale Donald Walsch in Australia

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Start: 12 Nov 2016 10:00am
Finish: 19 Nov 2016 5:30pm

Neale Donald Walsch, the highly acclaimed author of the Conversations with God series, had a conversation that he began to journal. A conversation with God he was soon to discover, a personal journey that he was documenting not for publication, but simply a man looking for his own answers. At the time he was at his limit, angry and frustrated with his life, seeking a truth, seeking answers to life and what was to unfold was a surprise to him as much as it may be to his readers.

Neale’s books have been translated into 37 languages with millions of copies sold worldwide. The first CWG book was published in 1995 and is still resonating with many across the globe right now. Why?

His message is pure and simple. We are all God, creators of our own reality. The reality of physical life that we are living, all its trials and tribulations, we create. Many confuse the title with religious connotations because the word God has been associated with religion for far too long. It is simply a word we use to describe all that is, creator, universe, source, divinity.

Awarded the Elevated Existence Magazine Spiritual Service Award 2015, Walsch is also listed as one of the top 100 spiritual teachers for 2016 in the Watkins Body Mind Spirit Magazine next to Oprah, Dalia Lama, Eckhart Tolle and more.

Neale will be exploring with his Australian audience the questions to help us reveal, rediscover and reconnect with our pure selves, our spirit, our soul, our God within, our own Divinity.

With his new book due out in 2017, Neale’s books can be read timeand time again, inspiring you with new insight with each reading.

We are very excited to welcome Neale to Australia this November and look forward to sharing the experience with you. It is an event that will be truly inspiring.

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