It was only a few weeks ago that the Olympics lit up our screens with feats of athletic performance that thrilled us, or perhaps a little too often, left us feeling we’d just missed a golden opportunity - literally! More often than I care to admit I found myself getting a little teary as somebody rejoiced in their victory or stood off to the side, stunned at their unexpected defeat. Who can forget that numb feeling when Cate Campbell bombed in the 100 metres or Anna Meares, our greatest woman cyclist, finished well back in the pack? Her tears spoke of years devoted to a punishing training program and a will of iron that together, at the age of 32, just weren’t enough.

While the emotions settle back to normal and the golden glow fades, one aspect of the Olympics endures as it has always done – and that is the example all these competitors set of what is possible when we believe in our dreams. When for the vast majority of us, it all gets too hard - whether it’s getting out of bed early for that morning walk or giving in to our sweet tooth yet again - someone like Kim Brennan, the sculler, or Jared Tallent, the long distance walker, or Mo Farah, Britain’s great distance runner who still managed to win despite falling over in his race, show us what we humans can achieve when we put our minds to it.

So this month, with the Olympics as our backdrop, I enjoyed speaking with a Perth couple Alana Diebel and Jeremy Hills, who, as NLP practitioners, know that a dream can indeed become a reality when we shed the doubts and direct our full focus to achieving it.I hope you find their outlook inspirational in “Tipping the Balance”.

As we come into spring after what’s been a long, rather gloomy winter in many parts of our country - I have to tell myself we should never complain about getting too much rain in this country! - it’s time to celebrate the beauty all around us and the glorious food appearing in the markets. Peter Dingle’s feature this month, “Oil of the Gods”, reminds us just what a perfect food extra virgin olive oil is, especially Australian oils as it turns out, while Jen Kaz in “Beating Springtime Allergies” shares tips on avoiding or at least minimising the allergy discomfort that takes the gloss off the season for so many people. One easy way of boosting our immunity – a key step in overcoming allergies, according to the research - is to eat food in season. It’s better in every way - on the pocket and the environment, as well as for our own health.

Another cause for great celebration in Perth comes a little later with the arrival in October of the Gyuto Monks of Tibet. Now international stars from their constant travels, including the eastern states, they’ll bring a varied program to the west including a concert with sacred music composer Kim Cunio and soprano Heather Lee - a thrilling blend of the deepest voices on the planet with high soprano notes. As always, you’ll be able to sit with the monks in meditation, or marvel at their sand mandalas while the kids create some Tibetan-inspired craftwork. You’ll find all the details at

Enjoy the changing season!

Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans has a background in teaching, journalism and publishing. She is the editor of NOVA Holistic Journal.