Haven’t you been struck by how many people are turning away from mainstream news these days? As I write this column, it’s the eve of Anzac Day and it’s a case in point that, once again, mainstream media has overwhelmed us with its shameless marketing of this honoured day in our calendar. My grandfather and great uncle were both Anzacs who survived Gallipoli and were both grievously wounded on the Western Front. They were proud “no nonsense” Aussie men and I really don’t think they’d be impressed at all. Nor it seems are many of us.

There are many similarities in how the media is reporting all sorts of crises that face us these turbulent days. Take health for example. It’s easy to think we’ll all be swept away by any one of the lifestyle epidemics we apparently face – diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, cancer et al – and we really must race out and buy the latest prescribed pill to ward it off.

Or, we can choose the other way, the empowering way of holistic health. It’s the reason we’ve chosen as our theme this month “Heal Yourself” because so much research is telling us it really is possible. Of course, ancient wisdom has never doubted it.

In his latest article, “Reversing Type 2 Diabetes”, Peter Dingle concludes that that insidious disease is completely manageable and, yes, even reversible. It’s tremendously heartening news for anyone who’s received that unwelcome diagnosis or knows they have a family predisposition. But it can’t be done with a pill and it won’t happen overnight, says Peter. What’s required is a lifestyle change, involving diet, exercise and, probably the biggest challenge, a new attitude. As he puts it pretty bluntly, it’s a small price to pay to add 10 to 20 years to your life and avoid such horrors as amputation and blindness. As with so much else, the choice is largely our own.

And that’s the same message in “The Seven Cs of Healthy Relationships” by a new writer in NOVA this month, Gloria Grace Wallace. Is there a magic formula to keep your love affair bubbling along nicely over the years or does it come down to how you think about and treat your partner every day? (On the subject of new writers, yes we do warmly welcome new contributions on anything holistic but please don’t make them advertorial).

We’ve all heard the advice to cut out the carbs and lose weight – easier said than done when those cold winter nights demand some heart-warming but starchy comfort food! But as Sally Matterson tells us in “Eat Well, Stay Lean”, we can actually indulge provided we do it at the right time. Protein is king, of course, but we can have some fun as well. Enjoy her scrumptious recipes!

There’s much more – sit correctly to improve your mood and energy (who’d have thought that?), a visit to the magical mandala land of Ladakh, the crucial importance of observing boundaries between healer and client and a journey into that esoteric realm of the Sacred Marriage.

To finish with something very special, in June we welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama once again to our shores as he visits both Perth and Brisbane. In his 80th year, he lights up the day – see what I mean on Page 5.

Have a wonderful self-empowering month!

Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans has a background in teaching, journalism and publishing. She is the editor of NOVA Holistic Journal.