To be the editor of a holistic magazine is a privilege at any time but never more so than this month when NOVA celebrates its 21st birthday! Since we started out in Fremantle in March 1994 as the original free holistic journal in Australia, it’s been a voyage of self discovery in which we’ve discovered all our weaknesses, but also our collective strengths.

Meeting a monthly deadline over all those years so that we’ve managed to reach issue No 246 still on the right side of sanity sometimes amazes me. And I’ve only been at the helm for the past 14 years, so others must take the credit for guiding NOVA in those early days when the magazine was finding its way as something very different to mainstream fare. Maybe that could only have happened in breezy Fremantle!

Of course, it’s only been possible thanks to the commitment of so many regular writers who find the time each month in their busy schedules to explore new directions in their own modalities. My thanks go to all those who’ve been before and those who are with us now. Astrologer Daniel Sowelu is the true “original” having been with us since that very first issue and now he has a devoted following all over Australia and increasingly overseas. Daniel’s travel schedule makes me dizzy but he’s always there with his next column and apologetic if it’s a day or two late.

And where would we be without our advertisers? Realistically, so much blank paper waiting for the words and images and insights that uplift and enrich us all every month. Join me in sending a wave of gratitude to these hardworking businesspeople who make it all possible for you and me every month.

There are so many others too – staff colleagues, designers, IT geniuses, delivery drivers – there’s a surprising array of people involved in bringing a magazine to fruition each month in print and online, something that makes publishing such a buzz.

Inspiring people come our way regularly too and this month we learn with great joy that Amma, the indefatigable and much loved hugging saint of India, is on her way again to our shores in April. When I first heard that I felt a wave of peace come over me – I’ll always remember meeting her and conducting a memorable interview where she answered my questions through her guru/interpreter, all the while continuing to hug and give her full attention to those in her embrace. Not a hint of impatience, just unconditional love to all of those who queued for hours for a hug like no other. Amma will appear in Sydney and Melbourne so if you need to travel make your plans now.

Another wonderful healer, albeit of a more secular bent, Deepak Chopra, has great advice for us this month in his latest book The Future Of God. He has seen too much of the suffering caused by militant atheists and sceptics who’ve torn conventional faith to shreds and in its place left a soul destroying void. You don’t have to be a believer to read this book – Chopra himself doesn’t follow any organised religion – and you might just find it deeply fulfilling.

Enjoy this birthday issue with us.

Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans has a background in teaching, journalism and publishing. She is the editor of NOVA Holistic Journal.