I ’m often told by appreciative readers that NOVA offers some great lessons every month and I find that myself as I do my small bits of tweaking of the articles supplied to us. I’m amazingly lucky to have that opportunity! This month, for example, one young man takes us to task for “switching off” when faced with yet another incident of cruelty or unpleasantness. How often have you been doing that lately? I know I have too often and I caught myself just the other day scrolling past the latest ISIS atrocity because I really didn’t want to know. I guess I’m protecting my sensitive Piscean soul!

But his point is a very valid one – it’s only when we know the reality of our choices that we can make informed decisions that reflect our own set of ethics. He, Kyle Behrend, is talking about our treatment of animals and every day he’s “reminded that the greatest tool for change is us”. It’s the great message of Mahatma Gandhi of course and it remains just as crucial and just as empowering in our world today. Read about Kyle’s work in “Kinder Choices”, an excerpt from the book Turning Points in Compassion, a collection of personal stories of animal rights activists around the world. The book has been a labour of love by co-editors Fran Chambers and Gypsy Wulff over the past four years so give them your support. You’ll find details in the magazine.

It’s just one example of the spirit of altruism which seems very strong in this month’s issue – whether it be to help Nepal, to create beautiful animal dolls for African children who have so little, to envision and build a wondrous art gallery in the Swan Valley that evokes the peace and serenity of Indian spirituality and opens its doors for free, or the wisdom of years of practice that our health writers contribute every month. It makes for a special collection.

You’ll also notice a strong Western Australian presence this month which brings me to another point I know will delight a great many and disappoint others. NOVA will now be distributed as a print magazine in WA only. We’ve listened to all those people who’ve been loyal to the magazine for the past 22 years in our home State, so now NOVA WA returns with favourite features like the Calendar. We hope you like the change.

To all those others in NSW and Victoria, both fantastic loyal clients and readers too, thank you for your great support over the past decade and more. We’d love to still be there for you but we’ve decided it’s time to go back to our roots. I think many others in a multitude of ways are making similar decisions these days to simplify their lives.

Each issue will still be available to read online and all the articles appear on our website every month so please keep reading. You’ll also find subscription details on this page and on our website at www.novamagazine.com.au.

So it’s a bittersweet month for me, but I hope an empowering one for you.

Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans has a background in teaching, journalism and publishing. She is the editor of NOVA Holistic Journal.