A voice tells us so much doesn’t it? And in this age of remote communication where we phone and skype probably more often than we meet up face to face, the voice conjures up an image of that other person for us.

One such call this month really had me thinking. Surely that lively, animated woman at the end of the line was in her middle years, maybe 60 at a pinch? So when she volunteered she was “in her ninth decade”, I really did a double take. Noella laughingly told me she put her youthfulness down to her holistic lifestyle and is an avid reader of this magazine. Naturally enough, she was calling to find out more details about one of our health articles.

Gaya, another caller from Singapore who misses her home in Perth, also conveyed the warmth and vivacity I’ve so often come across in this industry. Working with conscious intent and from the heart seems so often to bring out the best in people. And when times are challenging as they are these days we need to respect and nurture such blessed souls.

Our writers are doing their best for us all again this month to keep us happy, healthy and true to the holistic path.

So many families struggle under the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD or other rather frightening names on “the continuum”, so Danielle Williams’ contribution is a very valuable one. She shares her own experience when her son was diagnosed at the age of six and her struggle over many years to justify giving him the prescribed medication. It’s such a common story and there is so much pressure to conform so your “different” child can meet the expectations of an increasingly rigid and demanding education system rather than it adapting to embrace your creative, dreamy, unorthodox, probably highly original child. “ADD/ADHD or Indigo Child?” is an impassioned piece and it makes us realise just how much talent is being crushed before it has a chance to flower.

Peter Dingle’s contribution this month is another of his challenges for us to wake up to the error of our ways before it’s too late. In “A Message to Change” he argues that so many chronic diseases are a warning from our body that it’s cracking under the pressure of poor diet and lazy, indulgent lifestyles. Our enormous health budget is proof if we ever needed it that so many people are willing to forgo the self responsibility that Peter urges and pop a pill, or probably several, each day and keep on with the same old habits. Hopefully though the tide is turning little by little as the natural food/regular exercise message gains more traction.

I, for one, have known for some time that salmon is a great health food but I never realised it can improve mental as well as physical health. Perth-based clinical nutritionist Bek Sutton joins us this month with some fascinating new research in “Salmon as Anxiety Buster”, with a foolproof salmon dish to try as well.

And to finish on a high note, our yoga writer Jen Kaz gives us “Five Habits of Happiness” that we can easily - and freely - fit into our daily routine. As she points out, “Happiness is our birthright but sometimes we forget this.”

So, no excuses this month!

Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans has a background in teaching, journalism and publishing. She is the editor of NOVA Holistic Journal.